Does ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ Promote Bullying?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Does a Christmas classic send the wrong message?

A Long Island University professor says “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” promotes bullying.

There’s even a book about it called “No More Bullies on the North Pole.”

Dr. Paul Friday, head of Shadyside Psychological Services, has heard the conclusions of Long Island University Professor George Giuliani’s that the 1964 film about Rudolph’s tribulations amounts to classic bullying.

Millions of viewers have reviewed the evidence. So, was Rudolph bullied?

“What they do to him is bullying especially what they’re teaching the kids now as big as it is in the schools, but yes, he was definitely bullied,” Audra Bamford said.

“We just watched it the other night and I was telling my kids that’s not how we treat our friends,” Ronette Hillenbrand added.

“No I don’t think he’s being bullied,” Dr. Friday said. “I think the problem lies with Santa. He’s just not hugging this poor defenseless thing.”

Professor Giuliani says the message that Rudolph’s uniqueness must have a useful purpose for Rudolph to be accepted is the wrong message for our children.

“I think our society perhaps has really gone one couch too far,” Dr. Friday said. “I think the idea that you can take something as innocent and as nice as ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and pull some kind of psychological or sociological pathology and place it on there – I think this guy has too much time on his hands.”

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One Comment

  1. Brian Stutsman says:

    I wasted a minute on this story that I will never get back. 😀

    1. Brian Putzman says:

      i wasted a second reading your comment now will never get back 😦

      1. ChickenMan says:

        I wasted 30 seconds reading both comments, but it’s OK. I was only working.

      2. Mayor Stupidstal says:

        I says Ruldolph is bad franco harris is bad and criminals should pick the police officers….its great being a kid running a city..

    2. Ornley Gumfudgen says:

      Ya thank that’s bad? What about th thousands of minds this poor excuse for human excrement has wasted?

    3. JTW says:

      How ridiculous. Some people need to just stop. I’m not in any way supporting true bullying, but this is just way over the top.

  2. Idiot Wind says:

    Over 40 years kids have been watching and NOW it sends the wrong message????? This guy is a crackpot and KD its foolish for putting this krap on the air

    1. Windy says:

      I think he’s onto something we have only gotten meaner to each other since the movie came out. -sac

      I thought being P.C. was supposed to make everyone play nice. Seems to me that it’s only made us meaner.

      1. shame shame says:

        what about Cinderella.. she was kept in a cellar. feed with Rats. not alowed to go out with her man.. cleaned while the others made fun of her and more.. I mean it is in all the movies.. WHY WHY WHY!!>

    2. Chris says:

      Bullying is what our government officials do when the pass these nanny laws to promote wellness and safety and trample freedoms. That’s bulling.

    3. I LOVE RUDOLPH! says:

      Amen Brother!

    4. Eddi Ali Faz Faisal, Esq. says:

      The Professor is right, we need more Fatwas regarding reading material:
      may i suggest “Ahmed the one armed Cattle Bugger” or the Classic “7 days Lopping off Heads in Dungistan”.

  3. Dave says:

    This whole anti-bullying thing is a giant racket. Nearly every person I know including myself has been bullied some way in their life and they never once tried to kill themselves. In fact it helps a lot of people grow stronger and able to stand up to them.

    Of course wimpy baby liberals would go out of their way to promote anti-bullying.

    1. Sheena says:

      What is worse is the losers that come on message boards and use ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING as a platform for political attack. Go F yourself, Dave.

      1. Thatstellinhim says:

        You go Sheena!

      2. Dave says:

        Truth hurts doesn’t it? Look at the facts. The people who start these insane anti-bullying campaigns are liberals.

      3. Mark F. says:

        Wow! What lovely language from a “so-called” lady.

      4. Yo Pimp says:

        Sheena, get yo fat ass back on the street.

      5. Bob says:

        Grow a thick skin and a solid spine. If you’re worrying about words hurting you by someone and you’re cry about it, you’re a wuss, Sheena.

      6. Mac says:

        There you go…Upset liberals using the “F” word . Is that the extent of
        their vocabulary.

      7. Windy says:

        Great argument from a liberal. Once frustration mounts, their true intellect comes out.

      8. demsvoteblindly says:

        Sheena… something tells me you end up having to F yourself a lot… Don’t wish onto others just cause your life is a failure. 😉

      9. Herr Stig says:

        Something you won’t have to worry about, Sheena.

      10. Smitty says:

        Go back to the jungle where you came from, Sheena.

      11. Sonny Crockett says:

        Hey Sheena, Everything the left does is political. Politicizing the culture allows them to indoctrinate kids and clueless adults like you. Use your brain and develop your own ideas and opinions. Stop being a misguided and naive lemming for the left.

    2. FeelLuckyPunk says:

      The best anti-bullying method is the one developed by Smith & Wesson 🙂

      1. Fightlike aMan says:

        I prefer the two developed way before that – Right and left knuckles

    3. twinsister52 says:

      I could not agree more! You can’t prevent everything wrong that happens in one’s life; if you could no one would need backbones!

      1. James says:

        Our society is going to be completely lacking in backbones with the “sheltering” and “coddling” we are promoting. Look at OWS and its mimic movements. They were nothing more than temper tantrums from kids who didn’t get their way. Life is hard, you deal with it and grow stronger. That’s a message we don’t send anymore. The new message is quite the opposite.

      2. demsvoteblindly says:

        The message now is everyone gets a trophy, no one is a loser… then they get into the real world and have no clue how to handle failure. OWS showed us how that worked out.

    4. JByrd42 says:

      Way to go Dave. Finally someone with the balls to tell it like it is. I was bullied along with my fiends back when I was 12. Our fathers told us to all gang up on the bully and he would stop bullying us. We did and he never bothered us again. It made all five of us stronger and more confident. I’m tired of the wussification of America.

    5. Brad says:

      That’s becasue the Big Gov’t liberal politicians want to soften us up so we won’t fight back when they want to bully us!

    6. dr michael says:

      I agree, well said

  4. Mark Klingensmith says:

    stop this movie was 47 years ago…. what a crack pot and kdka wasted there time must of been a slow news day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Liz says:

    Why can’t people take the positive and not the negative from this story? After all, Rudolph was the hero in the end. I think that most children understand how it made Rudolph feel to be made fun of.

    1. george says:

      That’s the problem. We can’t have the victims of bullying triumph over the people doing the bullying. Wasn’t there a story just a few days ago about a kid who was suspended from school because he fought back?

      1. demsvoteblindly says:

        George, you are correct. That boy kicked the bully between the legs and now he is being charged with sexual harrassment…

      2. demsvoteblindly says:

        Just to add to my last comment… that boy was 7 yrs old that kicked his bully between the legs and is now being charged with sexual harrassment…

      3. Tammy says:

        George, funny about the fighting back…My 15 year old put up with bullying for 3 months, we and the school kept talking her through it, “Don’t let it get to you” “Ignore her she will get tired and go away” well she didn’t and my kid hit back giving her 6 stitches and a broken eye socket, Charged with felony aggravated assault, locked up in juvie 30 days now on ankle bracelet at least till court Jan 18th 2012…1000.00 to the state for her stay in juvie, 360.00 per month for gps ankle bracelet and 2800.00 later for the attorney…I wish she was just suspended from school…You think this stopped this other girl? Not yet!!!!

  6. TODD says:


    1. Toad says:

      “I think this guy has too much time on his hands”. He said GUY not a PEOPLE. Big difference. You’re the @ ss for the miss-quote.

  7. Ramona Barnhart says:

    OMG really. what a bunch of loosers we have runnig off at the mouth I remember watching this and afterwards feeling good and laughing. why do idiots ruin a good thing from the past god get real

    1. Marbran says:

      Yeah! Like those idiotic people who can’t spell ‘losers.’

      1. Steven S. says:

        Or how about those idiots that don’t know when to use the word “misspell” but instead attack someone and claim that they “can’t spell” something when clearly – as evidenced by the letters used in the incorrect spelling by the subject – it is quite apparent that they could spell correctly had they done so. So clearly , asserting that the subject “can’t spell” the word is an idiotic postulation. Of course I stand corrected if you (Marban) are aware of some type of genetic predisposition suffered by Ramona that specifically manifests itself by causing her to double-up on her Os. Otherwise, your an idiot.

      2. Steven S. says:

        I left you a typo – so you have the opportunity to call me an idiot – find it yet? The good news is that if you do find it there is a good chance that you are actually up a few notches to “imbecile”. Good Luck!!!

  8. bruceUSA says:

    County council just voted a 21% increase on property taxes. OK let’s talk about bullies!!!!! Stupid Democrats and this is good will to those on fixed incomes??? Right in time for Merry Christmas. What a nice gift.

    1. Spruce Bruce says:

      I agree that this tax increase sucks. But what sucks more are your hateful posts, BruceUSA. You are the bully. Lump people into groups and stereotype them and then cut them down to deflect your own ignorance. You often tell people to leave the country because they dont agree with you. Who are you? Who do you think you are? I’ll tell you what you are: a feeble, ugly, impotent, coward of a man from what I can see. Turn off the FoxNews and do something constructive with your kids.

      1. tax payer says:

        ah the fox news bashing. love it typical liberal with no sense of reality.

      2. John Deaux says:

        Please reach behind yourself and pull your pink panites out of your buttcrack,,,, it’s making you cranky.

  9. AUDREY says:

    RUDOLPH? Detrimental to children???!!!!! OK Let’s look at this . Yes, I suppose in today’s terms, we could say Rudolph was “bullied” by the other deer. But the lesson he teaches is so beneficial to children. Yes, he’s sad and yes, he may even cry. But he doesn’t commit suicide; he doesn’t turn to drugs or alcohol; he carries on to become number ONE. What a lesson that is !!! Is RUDOLPH detrimental —– I don’t THINK so !!!

    1. rjligier says:


      “But he doesn’t commit suicide; he doesn’t turn to drugs or alcohol; he carries on to become number ONE. What a lesson that is !!! Is RUDOLPH detrimental —– I don’t THINK so !!!


  10. DOTTIE says:


  11. lek says:

    I thought it taught us to accept others no matter what.

  12. thomas2436 says:

    The NY doctor’s conclusion of having a uniqueness is a real world objective to nurture budding prospects to be accepted in their future job market. Rudolph got the lead position because he was qualified, just like Ben has a useful arm and Heinz has purposeful hands.

  13. tom says:

    show this movie to a child that is different may it be physical or other and i am sure they will get the message . being different is what makes you special

    1. George Carlin says:

      just dont call a child “different”. Its condescending and they wont respect you. Just call them what they are and don’t hold back

    2. Jerry says:

      But if you’re special, you ride the short bus. Everything is so twisted these days

  14. DENNIS says:


  15. Hermie the Elf says:

    Remember what the sentry “Charlie in the Box” said, “Nobody wants to be a Chaaarrrrliieeee in the box!”

  16. WENDY says:


    1. rjligier says:


      Wendy, you and Audrey have singlehandedly destroyed the ideology of liberalism


    2. Boo Hoo! says:

      Don’t forget: Frosty the Snowman condones the murder of defenseless snowmen and Santa Claus is coming to town advocates committing misdemeanors!!! Also, the Grinch: we have burglary coupled with cruelty to animals!!

      1. LEK says:

        LOL thats good!

  17. Marty Griffin says:

    We beat up the kid who wanted to be a dentist and now we have to pay HIM

  18. deborah cintron says:

    what the f–k, this is a christmas classic, leave it alone, its a tradition to me and my family, this world is turning into a bunch of psycho nutjobs who need to pratice what they believe in their own homes and leave the rest of us alone merry christmas to you and yours, yeah thats right i said MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

    1. Mugshot says:

      How dare you! I’m really offended by that! (just kidding of course, but I’ll bet Dr.Giuliani is)

  19. Ernest P. Worrel says:

    Oh boy, yet another notch in the belt of the “Everybody Wins” generation. I had bullies in school. I got tired of it and joined the wrestling team. The next time one tried to beat me up I sent him to Passavant for some stitches. I strongly believe that I was the last generation that actually was held accountable and knew that there were winners and losers. We didn’t get 13th place trophies at wrestling tournaments. You were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. After that it was try again next year. We need to understand that not everything is handed to us. If you don’t like your current situation, pick yourself up like Rudolph did and do something about it.

  20. shark says:

    Right now I am ordering Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer dvd as well as other christmas shows as I am sure the minority will win and the media will not show these shows due to the “nature content”. What happen to the little drummer boy? Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! or is that Bullying if you don’t have a Happy New Year?

    1. Chris says:

      There’s the answer.
      Make those sales go up, up, up thanks to this invertebrate crackpot. It’s our civic duty.

  21. Ernest P. Worrel says:

    Yet another notch in the, “Everybody Wins” generation. I was bullied in school, so I joined the wrestling team. The next bully that tried to beat me up got a trip to Passavant for some stitches. There was no 13th place trophy at the wrestling tournaments. You either got 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. After that it was better luck next year. You learned to improve your skills to do better. You didn’t settle for average. I strongly believe I was the last generation that was raised to be self sufficient and ready to work hard. Life is hard, if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth living. You learn to savor success because of previous failure. Rudolph wasn’t praised for being mediocre. He took pain and adversity and made something of himself.

    1. Tina G. says:

      AMEN Ernest!

  22. Moe says:

    I watch the 3 Stooges Christmas every year and still smack my brother in the face

  23. Tom says:

    It must have been a slow news day for KDKA to even consider giving this crackpot air time. Time to look for a news director with a some common sense, guys. Really1

  24. Tina G says:

    Rudolph may have been bullied, but, he overcame it and was named the lead for Santa’s sleigh… The whole point to the progam. It doesn’t promote bullying it educates children about bullying and how to rise above it. Get over it, people. This quack has way too much time on his hands to be writing a book about Rudolph’s plight in life… Its a classic Christmas program!

  25. Last Guy To Know says:

    THIS JUST IN: Disney classics “Fantasia” and “Alice in Wonderland” promote LSD use.

    1. Tina G. says:


  26. Simple Man says:

    This is just a way for some quack doctor to get his name out in the media, and guess what, he did. Anyone who reads into his pathetic diagnosis is just as bad as he is. I’d hate to see what his patients are like after his therapy.

  27. JP says:

    Does this guy forget that they were all friends in the end, & they let Rudolph lead the way on that cold blustery night!!! And the biggest bully of them all became friends with them also then put the star on the tree.
    MILLIONS of us watched this for years I still watch it & I am 47, I didn’t turn out to be a bully.
    Come to think of it… IS THIS GUY THE BURGERMEISTER, MEISTERBURGER, the one where the mean guy takes away all the kids toys & fun????????

  28. bob from account temps says:

    it is bush’s fault

  29. janedoe says:

    Seriously PEOPLE! This show has been on for years and years! I watched it as a kid and I am sure that most of you did to and you know what…. I never ever thought of bullying someone! Bullying is just an attention getter! Kids now a days don’t get mom and dads attention so they act out so that they get that negative attention! It is not the tv nor the shows on tv. It is how these kids watch tv. PArents don’t sit down with their children to explain the cause and effect of the shows kids watch, therefore these kids see this and guess what…. they are going to act because they think it is cool. No morals!

  30. GW says:

    cheney bullied me every day and made me start all those wars

  31. robert g says:

    It’s time to get the liberals like Professor Giuliani out of the school systems.

    1. comprof says:

      Best comment so far!

  32. tracy lee says:

    Uh oh Mr. Spruce Goose, er, I mean Bruce. Looks as if you have been watching “Rudolf” for too many years and have turned into a bully yourself! Only thing you can do for yourself is drink some eye of newt tea, dance naked during a full moon while eating an elf or two, or actually take a good hard look in the mirror and realize your finger wagging and name calling is indicative of more than a flaw in your personality. I’m betting you’ll be sacraficing an elf before you will admit any misdeeds. Your master has brainwashed ya well.

    Merry Chrsitmas! And don’t worry,just because my opinion is that you’re an idiot, Santa won’t hold it against ya!

  33. Steven S. says:

    Is it “bullying: is I say this “professor” is a complete idiot? Strength comes from adversity and not diversity you winy little parasitic twerps!

  34. DJH says:

    It must be nice to be a university professor and not have to worry about actually producing anything or offering anything of value to society while at the same time lecture the rest of us on how wrong we are.
    This goober is probably bullied in the faculty lounge for being such a little cry baby.

    What cracks me up about political correctness is those who preach it don’t seem to see how utterly moronic they look and sound.

  35. ChickenMan says:

    Maybe the message was not crafted the same way we would today in a PC world, but didn’t the movie show that the bullies were a-holes? Didn’t everyone realize that they should not have treated Rudolph badly as soon as he disappeared, not after his nose proved to be of value? How is the father not like any other father living vicariously through a son’s achievements today? Sorry, I think this story is way off base. But, so is America today.

    1. Tom Levier says:

      You’re right Chicken Man. Everyone who ridiculed Rudolph and Hermie (yes, Hermie was bullied too because he wanted to be a dentist, not a toymaker) realized how wrong they were and apologized. Even Santa.

      So what’s the problem? The bullies realized they were in the wrong and said they were sorry.

  36. Hiheels says:

    this is proof that the liberal left is twisted. The song identifies the meanness of kids
    with laughing and name calling but in doing so the listener is developing an empathy for the character. It is intended to bring out the ” aww factor” in people, however some people are not born with empathy or a sense of right and wrong consciousness otherwise we would not need jails and prisons..
    But like one commentor said, we have a lost a minute on this article and the writer should be ashamed.

  37. jprimus says:

    More proof that we’ve derailed:

    The media is even COVERING a story about this lunatic. Take a story about overcoming bullying and saying that it promotes bullying.

  38. Daniel Donovan says:

    Jerry Sanduszky has a program that helps underprivileged reindeer build their self esteem.

  39. Mayor of GBD says:

    high school sports and cheerleading promote bullying!

  40. comprof says:

    And unfortunately, idiots like this with no common sense are brain washing our children.

  41. Heat Miser says:

    I’ve always loved this movie but I never thought Rudolph was being bullied. I just thought Santa was kind of an a$$hole. 🙂

  42. Mike says:

    The Pussification of our nation marches on under the liberal estblishment.

  43. Randolph says:

    I prefer “Randolph the Bowlegged Cowboy” over Rudolph:

    Randolph the bowlegged cowboy
    Wore a very shiny gun
    And if you ever saw it
    It would make you want to run

    All of the other cowboys
    Used to laugh and call him names
    They never let poor Randolph
    Join in any poker games

    Then one smoggy Christmas Eve
    Sherriff came to town
    “Randolph, with your gun so bright,
    “Won’t you shoot my wife tonight?”

    All of the other cowboys
    laughed and shouted out with glee.
    “Randolph, the bowlegged cowboy,
    “you will go and hang, you’ll see!”

  44. LEL says:

    Any freak with a glowing red nose deserves to get his a ss kicked out of the reindeer club.

  45. Linedancer says:

    Good grief!!!

  46. Happydots says:

    It does not. It shows a misfit rising above all the name calling and not committing suicide.

  47. Comet's Son says:

    What this professor says is true. Ever since I’ve seen the movie back in the 60’s, I’ve experienced this uncontrollable urge to bully and push around any reindeer that seems to have a red shine to his nose. I also won’t let that reindeer play any games around me. Thank Goodness for this professionals’ evaluation of my affliction…

  48. Reality Sandwich says:

    That idiot should not be allowed within 100 yards of any kind of school or university.

  49. Art says:

    I think Dr Friday said it all, paraphrasing, This whole society has went one couch too far.

  50. Bob says:

    so if Rudolph is bulling.. then so is what the peanut gang does to Charlie Brown – if you think about it…

  51. REALLY? says:


    Part of life is growing up and getting a few hard knocks. seriously.. cut the sh**

  52. Radioman777 says:

    How many cans of stupid did the prof consume to come up with this idea?

  53. LTG says:

    Political correctness gives people like this a platform to air their hogwash that they would never have had in a sane society. This is way too sad to laugh at so here is the response instead of LOL…. LO Freakin’ L!!!

  54. BH says:

    No Prof, Rudolph was not accepted by other reindeers because he was different. He was accepted after he proved he was useful. Nothing sinister about such a simple story. I suppose in your rendition the other reindeer would consider Rudolph disabled, provide him with disability checks and food stamps, call him nasally challenged and never expect him to pull his own weight?

  55. aaronsgram says:

    Go back to your liberal Ivory Tower nincompoop. It shows Rudolph overcoming adversity (bullying) to become the leader of the pack.

  56. Richard Henkle says:

    Yes it’s about bullying, same with the song. The message though is that bullying is wrong and what some may see as a personal defect (red nose) can actually be a redeeming quality (head lights). I’ve recognized this since I was 5 yrs old, but then, I’m a ginger so it’s a lil more relevant.

  57. potvin says:

    This professor sounds like a bumble.

  58. Donarandona says:

    Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words…………………oh never mind.

  59. tom wegmann says:

    What we really need is to close the pseudo science Psychology departments in the universities and save a whole bucket of money.

  60. Paolo says:

    Will someone please tell Prof. Panty Waste to shut up.

  61. Redz says:

    Well, this dingbat “professor” and I use that term loosely, got his 15 minutes of fame, didn’t he? That’s what this story is really about.

  62. jpbrody says:

    Yes, he’s teaching your children. Excuse me while I go vomit.

  63. Phillep Harding says:

    That professor must have tenure.

    Of course Rudolph was bullied. The very thing he was bullied about turned out to be what made him a valuable person for all, and that’s the moral of the story.

    1. Sandie Mackintosh says:

      Thank you! My thoughts exactly… If we are going to be ridiculous enough to give this” story” attention, I believe that it could be used to show young kids that are being bullied due to their differences, that those things that make them different are often what make them special!

  64. ShortySmall says:

    So he assumes kids are going to side with the antagonists? God forbid they watch the history channel tonight about Pearl Harbor; they’ll become warmongers because “it teaches kids preemptive strike”? according to this prof., they’ll glaze over the moral of a country uniting and sacrifice of the greatest generation and rather inspire them to create an authoritarian playground.

  65. Robert Preston says:

    Rudolph is a simple kids’ story, whereas the Federal money being given to universities for “research” such as this acalunatic has conducted is a waste of my tax dollars. We need a boatload of Conservatives back in Washington to stop the flow of tax dollars to universities, so that dweeb “professors” such as this idiot will have to do something productive, or become a greeter at WalMart.

  66. John C says:

    More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder that renders the afflicted with the inability to understand common sense, rational ideas.

  67. HDfromGreensburgSalem says:

    I just watched the story on how Rudolph promotes bullying, and I felt compelled to respond. It is unbelievable that a classic Christmas tale is being turned into a promotion for bullying. Rudolph’s character is meant to symbolize uniqueness. As everyone knows at the end of the story Santa and all the other reindeer realize that his uniqueness isn’t something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of. Rudolph’s glowing nose is the reason why he gets noticed. His nose gets him to lead Santa’s sled. I’m writing as a teen that has experienced the horrors of being bullied, and I would never consider Rudolph’s story to be one of bullying. His story is meant to inspire others to stand up for their uniqueness, and realize that being different isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact being different is what makes our world such a diverse place. I encourage people to consider this as they listen to the criticism of a classic Christmas story which was intended to bring joy to children during the holiday season.

  68. BigBoa says:

    The people “in charge” bully the victim of a bully for kicking the bully in the huevos. This moron claims Rudolph promotes “bullying”…. When in fact it is quite the opposite. Why?

    If people actually continue to confront “bullies”, what are bullies like O’Bozo going to do when they get into office and want to bully the taxpayers? They might fight back. This must be discouraged…..

  69. Art says:

    Hmmmm, If you really look at the Disney production, in the end Rudolph flies off leading Santa’s sleigh and SIX reindeer. The bullied reindeer triumphed and got to lead the sleigh, but TWO reindeer got the ax. Don’t know which ones, but hope they were tasty.

  70. Rich Lehmann says:

    Title should read. “Professor’s research hits deadend, frantically searches for controversial subject to avoid teaching for another semester.”

  71. Herr Stig says:

    Bearded wonder left wing, Ivy League, NEA/AFT sanctioned moron he is. And from New York to boot. Bleah.

  72. Gary says:

    The prof is guilty of what he preaches against. He’s practising intellectual bullying of his own with nothing else to justify his sorry existence.

  73. Factchecker says:

    Liberal professors are into bullying.

  74. TIna G. says:

    I seriously don’t know how being a liberal or conservative has anything to do with a freaking Classic Christmas program. I’m a moderate liberal and don’t think for one second there is anything wrong with the message this program is trying to teach. Is it just that the conservatives have nothing better to do than blame the other side? See, doesn’t that sound just as stupid as Rudolpg being bullied?? Stick to the point of this stupid story people. You’ll just upset Mike Pintek more. Sheesh!

  75. Shawn says:

    Prior to reading it, I thought this story would almost certainly be stupid. After reading it, I need to think of a word that means beyond stupid. Any suggestions?

    1. dwoof says:

      I don’t think a word has been invented yet to describe the story, although meaningless does come to mind.

  76. Reayl Veiuw says:

    Really? Seriously? Let’s just stay home, hide in a dark room and skip this dangerous christmas season. OOPS. Sorry to offend, I mean HOLIDAY season. And I thought Halloween time was dangerous. Oh shoot, there I go again, I mean HARVEST time! Besides, a dark room would save on electricity and help save us from global warming. Gotta go now. Gonna shut off the computer too.

  77. nidva says:

    No – I disagree. We need to keep idiots like this on college campuses – then we will at least know where the fruits, nuts and flakes can be found. Do NOT let them free to roam the streets!

  78. Steven S. says:

    I’ve always hated reindeer. The way they look at you with that all knowing glare, and how they take cuts in front of you at the Von’s quick-checkout line – the whole time flaunting way more than 15 items. And again at the ATM where it takes them an ungodly amount of time to punch in their PIN number with those stupid hooves. I especially hate the odor of Axe body wash that they seem to sooo love. Yes, I too have learned to loathe these vile creatures and so once again I find myself compelled to voice my support for liberal cerebral emanations from another slightly wasted professor…

  79. Boyd W. says:

    Had my daughter just watch the “Star Wars Christmas”. That might be a representation of bullying, but dammit no Ewoks.

  80. John says:

    KOOO KOOO!!!

  81. Bella says:

    ON the contrary, it promotes the exact opposite. What an idiot.

  82. KG1 says:

    Forget about Rudolph beig bullied. What about the Island of Misfit Toys? “Nobody wants a Charlie in the Box”. If you are a misfit at the North Pole you are cast out to a gulag or exiled into the snow to starve. Of course the message is that this isn’t a good thing and kids are taught to accept one another dispite being a misfit of one kind or another. Lighten up professor.

  83. SouthernBoy says:

    Pulling a sled in a white out is no job for a weakling. Many a Reindeer has left a broken heart at the feet of Santa. Suck it up and get with the game. Christmas is do or die and the North Pole takes only the best. Rudolph bit the bullet, took the pain and kicked A. Snowman butt. He is John Wayne with horns. Political correctness belongs with the Island of Loveless Toy losers.

  84. Steven S. says:

    Or how about those idiots that don’t know when to use the word “misspell” but instead attack someone and claim that they “can’t spell” something when clearly – as evidenced by the letters used in the incorrect spelling by the subject – it is quite apparent that they could spell correctly had they done so. So clearly , asserting that the subject “can’t spell” the word is an idiotic postulation. Of course I stand corrected if you (Marban) are aware of some type of genetic predisposition suffered by Ramona that specifically manifests itself by causing her to double-up on her Os. Otherwise, your an idiot.

  85. Matman says:

    Is KDKA making up news?……cmon, college professors are intelligent, right?

    1. BRUCEUSA IS A GAYBO says:


  86. jnsesq says:

    Must be comforting to many that with well over 10% real unemployment, someone gets paid to do this…

  87. Dennis D says:

    Leave it to a politically correct liberal to come up with this insane nonsense.

  88. Randall Lape says:

    Another PHD without a clue about life.

  89. Ken Puck says:

    Better watch your back, Dr. Giuliani…Gene Autrey’s ghost is going to give you a wedgie and cop your lunch money.

  90. JOe Dutra says:

    The dear professor is such a moron.

  91. Walter says:

    If you ever want to read something reaally stupid, just look for the nearest college professor. No wonder the kids come out of college with so little knowledge….the professors are all brain dead left wing morons.

  92. John Markham says:

    Okay, he got his name in the news for something completely stupid. Presumably, he gets a free meal at the club from his buddy he made the bet with.

    I don’t know why anybody reported this.

  93. Ladybug says:

    What a complete idiotic moron. Typical left wing liberal kook….and this dumb bell is teaching kids? No wonder this country is in such a sad state. I have an idea Professor. Why don’t you actually TEACH something worthwhile as you collect your big fat pay check! I wouldn’t send my kid to this stupid college if the tuition was free. Good grief! This guy is the wussiest of wusses.

  94. luilui says:

    That is the way of things.
    Bullies pick on the under-deer until someone makes him the upper-deer, then they suck up!

  95. jay says:

    wth??? you people have finally lost the few marbles you had left. welcome to america the loony bin.

  96. Mannie says:

    Who is this moron professor? This is the problem with our university system. He isn’t qualified to give you fries with that.

  97. Dan S. says:

    Rudolf was bullied, but he triumphs in the end. The bullies lose. That’s a positive message, so stop complaining.

  98. Krista says:

    Ridiculous!! I have been anti-bullying for many years and the ONLY bullying going on here is on the part of those who are determined to wipe out every vestige of our Christmas traditions, including a much-loved story for generations!! This is just a desperate attempt to steer away children from long-held traditional reading. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is about OVERCOMING bullying, finding self-worth & self-esteem, helping others, & getting along in the end. If these idiots want to make a real difference, start in the schools by allowing REAL discipline & REAL consequences for rotten behavior instead of administrations being afraid of elite parents ready to sue, & pretending to claim “no tolerance” when in fact they look the other way or sweep it under the rug. To try to find fault in our long-standing literature is just plain stupid. They obviously failed “Reading Comprehension”!! Read “Rudolph” whenever you want! And a very Merry Christmas to all.

  99. Jackie Hammer says:

    Up here in Noth Pole Alaska (Think I am fooling you, zip 99705) PETA long ago establishes hate crime laws against the Rudolf genetic lineage, A word of warning for any children visiting the Alaskan interior, ;acting out on chrimsonrhinodeeraphopia can get 10 to 15 years in the Santa workshop for delinquent elves. We have not had a bully pick on Rudolf or his kin since the Grinch Stole Christmas. As reported incident actually it was not true that all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names or that they never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games, they did try to play with Rudolf but his Red glaring nose made it hard for the other reindeer to to see their cards and it was reported that Rudolf used the glare to peek at the other cards, a fight supposedly ensued and Rudolf who had been drinking, (this is what all ways makes his nose shine so bright!) started yelling about the other deer being racists, Rudolf wrote a letter to PETA, PETA wrote a letter to the ALCU, then when that didn’t work they called the EPA, the Feds inspected Santa’s sleigh and threatened to ground it. Long story short Santa beg the other reindeer to tolerate Rudolf, so the reindeer told Rudolf that loved him
    they got drunk as they shouted out with glee,
    Shouting out Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer,
    you’ll go down in history in front of the Feds, they bought it and released his sleigh, the rest is history.!

  100. Albert E. Heiles says:

    It’s stories like this that really take away my faith in humanity. This film is a work of fiction, it doesn’t promote anything other than Christmas. All it shows me is that this Professor. Giuliani has entirely WAY too much time on his hands to devote to watching the movie several times and then writing a book about it. And on online one at that. That shows that his theory on this isn’t even worth the paper it could be printed on. As unfortunate it may sound to some, we don’t live in a world of warm fuzzies where everyone loves each other. Prof. Giuliani wants everyone to be the same, but we’re not the same. Never will be. Everyone is different in their own way and he’s trying to promote something that just can’t exist.

  101. andymac says:

    It’s clear that only a PhD could come up with an evaluation so inane, so vapid, so lacking in evidence of critical thinking, and so reflexively nanny-state. It’s just another example of why the intelliigensia are thoroughly discredited.

    Just imagine how damaged I am: I grew up watching Rudolph. I also watched Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Super Chicken…why it’s a wonder I didn’t beat up or try to kill every kid in my class!! I’m surprised I’m not a serial killer!

    Throw in the PhDs in these fake sciences with the lawyers. How did that line from Shakespeare go…?

    1. Henry V says:

      ask a liberal. he is smart enough to know Bill Shakespeare quotes.

      1. Lulu says:

        Does anybody have any idea what Shakespeare play this numnutz is even pointing at?

  102. The Hard Truth says:

    All non-liberals are only jealous. Stop throwing gas on their envy. It is a sin.

  103. Ted Nugent says:

    Venison tastes good

    1. Roamer says:

      This is the most intelligent post on this thread!

  104. midget man says:

    look i was a midget growing up i was always bullied it me a bigger man now im 4ft tall so der

  105. Connor Vlakancic says:

    As an active mid-West farm raised boy I knew about deer (cows do it, pigs do it, even educated sheep do it) so I figured Mr. red-hot nose do’ed it. Yea, Rudolph was a stud!

  106. Wayner says:

    Quote from Z Wayner! Listen carefully good BURG Folk! Bullying is form of control in our everyday lives. It is one person’s way of power over another individual, to get more money, a sweet lookin gal, a handsome hunk, a sharp ride, a mansion like no one else has, control of a country, and Z folk’s that were born there! It occur’s every day in our lives, it happen’s to all of us, in one way or another. It could be renamed as THE DEVIL’S control over the better side of US! Let’s do better then that, and do what we know is Z right thing for our fellow folk on this poor EARTH!
    Luv Yinz!

  107. Kay says:

    Based on these comments, it seems that people do not see bullying as a problem. Unfortunately, millions of people have been affected in ways that changed their behavior and damaged their health. Schools have been adding anti-bullying programs for many years. There are two issues in this report–1) Is this bullying? 2) Even if it is, should we censor a holiday classic?

    Notice that the mall shoppers seem to all agree that he is being bullied when Rudolf is hidden by his family and isn’t allowed to join in any reindeer games. Dr. Paul Friday, head of Shadyside Psychological Services,disputes that. He says that everything could be fixed if Santa would just give Rudolf a hug. Maybe. . . . But that isn’t really the point, is it?

    So here we have a heartwarming story that teaches that oddballs still have value. I for one don’t want to see that lost. On the other hand, today we know that entertainment can shape behavior. My guess is that Dr. Friday believes the hopeful message that if you can apply your special gifts you can can rise above adversity is the key here. I would suggest that a children’s show that is more than half a century old does not look at things the way we do today.

    Back then, bullying was seen as a rite of passage and not a problem (and many of the people who have left comments here seem to feel the same way). The phrase “Boys will be boys” (and girls too) excused the perpetrators and the victims were expected to get tougher and learn to take care of themselves. Intervention was thought to do more damage and to escalate the situation. Now we know that bullying is rampant within all parts of society, people do not outgrow it, and that intervention is necessary to stop it. As with other forms of abuse, there was reluctance to see or deal with bullying.

    Arts often present a problem or challenge and how the protagonist deals with it as we have here. But I am guessing that if this were redone today it would include some gentle condemnations of Rudolf’s tormentors as the mall mothers seem to be doing when they show it to their own children. The message could easily seem to be that it is OK for people to target someone because they don’t fit in some way. In truth, Rudolf should have been recognized as valuable whether he was able to light the way or not.

    And parents are obviously doing that. I would suggest adding a little scene in the movie where Santa admonishes the bullies but it would need to be in keeping with the original mood of the piece.

    I do not like it when we throw away accomplishments from other times because our perspectives have changed. I do think we need to acknowledge that we see things a bit differently but should not completely discount what led us to this point in time.

    1. The Truth says:

      > I would suggest adding a little scene in the movie where Santa admonishes the bullies but it would need to be in keeping with the original mood of the piece

      Just curious what other classics you would like to re-write to fit your liberal bias? It’s a CARTOON, learn to accept reality and get out of your bubble.

  108. Annette Henderson says:

    What Rudolf endured was name calling and teasing about a visible difference in his appearance. He was never subjected to “bullying”, which implies threats of bodily harm, physical harm, the theft of personal property in exchange for “safety” from physical harm.

    If this story portrays “bullying”, then even parents can be accused of such where their own kids are concerned. How many of our children today have a nick-name for something they have said or done? How many have received their nick-names for a physical trait? And how many hate or are embarrassed by that nick-name and beg parents not to reveal it to friends and/or classmates?

    Yes, words can be hurtful and can never be unspoken. However, words are only that. WORDS. The only power they have to harm is the power WE give them as individuals.

  109. Aloysous A Gruntpuddock says:

    They’ll be banning the ‘ugly Duckling’ song and story next.

    1. Ted Nugent says:

      Duck Tastes good!!

  110. Lawfish1964 says:

    (The Politically Correct Version)

    Rudolph, a nasally-challenged reindeer, suffered from a rare genetic mutation which caused his nose to remain very red throughout the year (a form of alopecia rosacea). As a result, he was taunted and ostracized as a fawn and throughout his formative years. When he reached adulthood, he applied for a position with a Mr. Klauss, an international distributor of toys, in the transportation department. Mr. Klauss, somewhat put off by the unusual appearance of this applicant, sent a memorandum to corporate/legal seeking advice as to whether the genetic condition could be considered a “disability” within the meaning of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Corporate/legal advised that the condition did meet this definition and therefore, Mr. Klauss should consider employing Rudolph and making a reasonable accommodation for his disability.

    Mr. Klauss, fearing an age discrimination lawsuit from his senior reindeer chose to add Rudolph as an additional “lead” reindeer to his main transportation crew. A wise businessman, Mr. Klauss described the position as one of leadership, claiming that the light emitted from Rudolph’s nose would reduce accidents and make the transportation of toys safer. Rudolph accepted the position and fulfilled the essential requirements of his employment to the employer’s satisfaction. At that point, the other reindeer (in particular, those who had taunted and teased him as a faun) voted him “Reindeer of the month (December),” and remarked that his exceptional performance in overcoming his disability would surely be remembered historically.

    The moral: being different is not acceptable unless your mutation is useful to others, in which case you are not only acceptable but become the most popular person on campus.

  111. Larry Randan says:

    first the PC nuts had LITTLE DRUMER BOY pulled off the air and now thay are the ones BULLING US to do the same to RUDOLPH…

  112. Mayor of GBD says:

    Next thing you know, Frosty the Snowman will be labled a racist because there ain’t no “colored” snowmen!

  113. Geo Thermal says:

    And Hansel and Gretel promotes cannibalism.

  114. Jim says:

    > There’s even a book about it called

    Ding ding…we have a winner. KDKA is promoting some loser’s book and we were suckered in to reading this useless article.

  115. SantaDude says:

    Rudolph pooped on the rug yesterday,but I cleaned it and still love him.

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