Pirates Fans React To Nate McLouth Signing

NORTH SHORE (KDKA) – Nate McLouth will once again wear a Pirates uniform.

The team signed the outfielder to a one-year $1.75 million deal.

“I think it’s great,” Rick Tartaglione, of Ross Township, said. “I liked Nate when he was here, thought he was a heck of a player, helped the team a lot. I was sorry to see him go.”

“I think that’s wonderful – the Pirates need a shot in the arm,” Marian Tartaglione added.

McLouth returns to bolster the outfield corps and is joined by several other free agents, mixing experience with young talent.

“They have a lot of young pieces so be good to see another year of that development and hopefully with some new acquisitions get a winner out of them,” Andrew Dash said.

“I’m kind of fired up about it,” Jack McGuire said. “Maybe somebody upstairs is finally getting serious about making a contender of the Pittsburgh Pirates.”

Of course, putting McLouth and company on the field does not a contender make, but to the fans the acquisitions are symbolic.

“They’ve been making money for a lot of years it’s time to put it back on the field for the fans,” Tartaglione said.

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One Comment

  1. Hermie the Elf says:

    Contender? Seriously? Help us all………. The Front Office needs an enema in my humble opinion. Hey fans – Just keep attending for the Pierogie Races, Fireworks and Has Been Concert nights. Bobby and the fellas don’t care about winning as long as they are making a profit! Keep helping them out folks.

    1. John Koval says:

      Amen brother!

  2. jonpgh88 says:

    Lets see The Florida (Miami) Marlins build a new stadium and go out and sign Reyes, Buherle and are after Pujols..

    The Pittsburgh Pirates build a new stadium and never ever come close to signing anyone near the caliber of players mentioned above…

    Nate McClouth?? Erik Bedard?? Its fricking laughable that anyone thinks these 2 clowns will make them contenders….I actually cant believe that people think these are great moves….

    Critter, you hit the nail on the head…Pirates are the worse run franchise in pro sports and the fans have become so used to it that any signing looks great to them…SAD, just SAD.

  3. MustafaJohnson says:

    When the Fan broadcasts the 2012 Pirates another station should rebroadcast the 1971 or even the 91 Season game for game.. Bet it would draw more listeners. Since the present and future suck might as well live in the past.

  4. Manager Lou Brown says:

    I thought you said we didn’t have any high priced talent???

    Forget about Nate, he’s just high priced.

  5. You Know It!!! says:

    “I’m kind of fired up about it,” Jack McGuire said. “Maybe somebody upstairs is finally getting serious about making a contender of the Pittsburgh Pirates.” Does this guy really think Nate McClouth is the answer?

  6. Tony says:

    This is a joke. You have a GREAT season as far as Pirates baseball goes, and then you sign McClouth. McCloths BA the past two years where, .190 and .228, worst in his career. Followed by many injuries and just flat out not playing, he played about 160 games total in two years. Pirates are fine in my eyes in the outfield, there is no reason to be paying this guy any money at all. And it kills me to see those few comments on this report, they are probably the only people who think this is a good move. Once again, the Pirate’s show no concern about winning, just filling out the roster with people that “Pirate fans” and not babseball fans would like. GREAT MOVE!

  7. critter says:


  8. Mr. Kite says:

    This isn`t like football where you only need a few skill players and I don`t think the Pirates have the $250 million it took to sign Albert Pujols.A small market team needs to build through the draft.

  9. boycottthebucs says:

    Nate WHO,What a joke , bring back dave parker he can still play better than anyone on the team. Don’t waste space in the sport section for the pirates put their stories and scores in the obituaries

  10. boycottthebucs says:

    Build through the draft .the pirate have had enough top picks to make 10 teams it don’t matter they won’t pay them anyway. They passed on a cather years ago with the #1 pick because he had a good agent and was going to demand top dollar, whats that tell ya. Right there all fans should have boycotted this team, DON’T GO TO THE GAME TILL OWNERSHIP STARTS SPENDING MONEY

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