STATE COLLEGE (KDKA) — Moments after Jerry Sandusky waived his hearing this morning in Centre County, there was reaction from just about everyone including the attorneys for the alleged victims.

Some of those victims were ready to testify today against the former Penn State University football coach and founder of The Second Mile charity.

Though shocked by the move to waive, some attorneys for the victims said their clients were relieved the case would go directly to trial.

“I can imagine this is terrific for my client as well as all of the other victims who now do not have to relive the horrors that they experienced up on the witness stand, and they have achieved the same result as they would have had they had to testify,” said attorney Michael Boni.

But others like attorney Ken Suggs called it a cowardly act on the part of Sandusky and his attorney Joe Amendola.

“He’s afraid to confront these kids, and I hope he’ll going ahead and plead guilty and not put them through another circus like this,” said Suggs.

Although Amendola defended the move at length to reporters this morning, others remained amazed at his tactics.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense for me for the national media to be called to Bellefonte today, literally for a press conference where a lawyer for a serial pedophile would be on the courthouse steps in a small county in a place called Bellefonte trying his case in the public eye,” attorney Tom Kline added.

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