PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Something new is coming to Kennywood next summer.

The amusement park’s newest thrill ride is called the “Black Widow,” and it will be coming to the park in 2012.

In a press release, Kennywood’s general manager Jerome Gibas said: “Black Widow will have a combination of height, airtime and thrill factor. Kennywood offers a great variety of ride experiences and Black Widow will provide our guests with a new dimension of thrill.”

Officials at Kennywood say the “Black Widow” stands at 90 feet tall and will reach a height of 146 feet while in full swing with an angle of 120 degrees from the center.

Riders will sit facing outward in suspended seats that form a circle.

The circle will swing in a pendulum motion while rotating counterclockwise and reaching a peak of 146 feet above ground.

The new ride seats 40 people.

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