PITCAIRN (KDKA) — Police remain on alert today following an armed robbery and a rash of break-ins in Pitcairn this week.

The armed robbery happened around 7:30 p.m. at the Fox’s Pizza Den on Broadway Avenue.

Surveillance video shows the suspect, dressed in red sweatpants and a Steelers’ hat, walk into the business and then walk back out.

The surveillance video then shows him come back a second time, with his hood up, showing a gun and demanding money.

“We had a guy come in about 7:30 last night and put a gun to one of my employee’s faces,” said Kevin Dick, the owner of the pizza shop. “First thing, he asked her was, did she have any kids; and she goes ‘Yeah, I have kids.’ He pulled out a gun and said give me all your [expletive] money. Turned around and walked away. As he’s walking away, he told her ‘Merry Christmas,’ and said, ‘and the gun’s fake;’ it’s not real.

“She was scared to death and I can’t blame her,” he added. “It’s ridiculous that they go this route to steal off someone. Why can’t they go to work like the rest of us do?”

Police say he got away with about $800 to $1,000.

Anyone with information on the case is being asked to contact Monroeville police.

Meanwhile, the investigation also continues into what Allegheny County police are calling a burglary spree in Pitcairn.

It began on Sunday, and there were three more late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

On Sunday, authorities say someone made off with a gun and armor-piercing bullets from an apartment on Second Street.

Then on Tuesday night, jewelry and other valuables were taken from a home on McGinnis Avenue. Also on that night on Sixth Street, two doors down from the police station, a break in netted guns and ammo.

On Wednesday morning, investigators say the back window of the Pitcairn Mini Mart was smashed. The business was ransacked for lottery tickets, cigarettes and cash.

Police say they do not believe the latest robbery at the pizza shop and all the burglaries are connected, but they believe all the break-ins may have some kind of tie.

Meantime, residents in Pitcairn are being asked to lock all their doors and windows and take extra precautions to stay safe.

Monroeville Police Department
Guns, Ammunition Stolen In Pitcairn Burglary Spree (12/28/11)
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