Reporting: Paula Ebben, WBZ-TV

PITTSBURGH (CBS) — Did you get a present during the holidays that you don’t really want? If you’re thinking about re-gifting it, there are some rules to follow so it doesn’t backfire.

When you think about all the gifts we have to buy, it’s not really surprising there are some duds. And the urge to re-wrap something and pass it off to someone else as a present doesn’t seem as taboo as it once was.

Etiquette experts say one of the primary rules is to have good intentions and make sure the gift really captures the spirit of giving.

Second, keep track of where you originally got the present so you don’t create any awkward situations.

Also, make sure the gift is in good condition and in its original packaging. Wine and champagne can be great candidates for re-gifting. But gift cards, with fees and expiration dates, can be a little more challenging.

In the end, the bad economy might be the thing that really keeps the re-gifting trend alive.

But it looks like re-gifting is here to stay. A recent survey found that 57 percent of those asked see nothing wrong with it.

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