PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Gusty winds caused some damage across the area, including toppling a large tree on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

The high winds that have hit the area over the last 24 hours have done a lot more than just knock some garbage cans around.

High-speed breezes continued overnight; 50 mile an hour gusts blowing all manner of things about. In the daylight, it didn’t take long to find downed signs and even a downed snowman.

“The wind in this area was atrocious,” said Cheryl Kaminski, of the South Side. “It was just back and forth. You could just, more or less, hear things banging.”

Kaminski had a little more than just a lawn ornament get toppled. She had a huge evergreen come down near her home.

“It just came right down. It was it was pretty bad,” she said. “I heard a thud and all the sudden heard a commotion. There was a car under the tree.”

By mid-morning, the car was gone but the tree remained; and as it turns out, it’s not even in her yard.

“The city was here last night, and they said they could not touch it because it was on private property,” Kaminski.

As for what’s going to happen to the tree, Kaminski says she’s going to try to get a hold of the landowner and if he doesn’t take care of it, she will.

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