PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An eighth grade student attacked his art teacher at Pittsburgh Greenfield K-8 School.

An irate parent said her daughter came home traumatized from witnessing the attack.

The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers union president Nina Esposito-Visgitis said the teacher suffered a possible concussion when he was thrown to the floor by the student who pulled clumps of hair out of the teacher’s head.

“The teacher was stopping the student, he was supposed to stay for lunch detention, the student tried to leave. My understanding was, from talking to the teacher, he put his arm up against the dooryway, and the student assaulted him,” said Esposito-Visgitis.

The school principal interceded and helped stopped the attack. The teacher then drove himself to receive medical attention.

“I just spoke to the teacher recently. He is home, he is supposed to go back to the doctor on Monday. They’re worried about a concussion, and he did lose hair,” said Esposito-Visgitis.

The president of the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers said she was appalled by the violence, however she believes what happened at the Greenfield school the exception rather than the rule of the district.

“It’s a wonderful school that’s what makes this even more shocking,” said Esposito-Visgitis. “In our schools we want to make sure it’s a safe places for all of our students to learn and all of our teachers to teach.”

School police took the student to Shuman Detention Center after he calmed down. The student will be charged with assault and faces disciplinary action from the school.

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