Bishop: Obama Telling Catholics ‘To Hell With You’

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Speaking out against the Obama administration’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik says that President Obama “just told Catholics of the United States, ‘To Hell with you’” by ignoring pleas to revoke the provision.

Under the guidelines for the program, all individual and group health insurance plans — including self-insured plans, will be required to cover all FDA-approved contraception, sterilization procedures and even pharmaceuticals that result in abortion.

The problem is that organizations like Pittsburgh’s Catholic Charities, which is run by the Catholic Church, would have to perform abortions and give out contraceptives, which goes against the church’s teachings.

Basically, Bishop Zubik says President Obama is condemning Catholics to Hell, and will not listen to the church’s pleas to revoke this provision; in fact, he thinks it’s intentionally directed at the church.

In September, Zubik urged local Catholics to fight the mandate by expressing their opposition to political leaders; but the administration passed it last week. In a statement posted on the Diocese of Pittsburgh website, the Bishop said in part:

“Kathleen Sebelius and through her, the Obama administration, have said ‘To Hell with You’ to the Catholic faithful of the United States… ‘To Hell with your religious beliefs, To Hell with your religious liberty, To Hell with your freedom of conscience.'” >> Read the Full Statement

Joining NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Larry Richert and John Shumway this morning, Bishop Zubik said the message was clear: “We don’t matter.”

Bishop Zubik told KDKA that this issue affects every US citizen — not just Catholics.

“This isn’t simply a Catholic issue and I don’t even think it’s an issue that’s just about people of faith,” the Bishop added. “It is in the first case, an infringement of religious freedom in the United States guaranteed by the First Amendment of our Constitution; but this does cut at the heart of freedom for all of us as citizens. This is a particular issue that is demanding that we do something — all Catholic institutions — do something that goes against our conscience and there’s no recourse to it, apparently.”

Since non-profit groups including the Catholic Church will have one year to “adapt to this new rule,” the Bishop is urging the faithful not to give up. He’s urging the flock to write to their local representatives, Secretary Sebelius and President Obama urging them to reconsider. The diocese even posted a sample letter in the Bishop’s article — along with all of the necessary addresses.

Listen to the full interview below:

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One Comment

  1. globalprobe says:

    I think by supporting a child molesting organization you are condemning yourselves to “hell”. Wait… wasn’t he [David Zubik] accused of child molesting last year? what ever happened to that?

    1. missbitsyb says:

      The accusations were thrown out. The accuser was mentally unbalanced. (and probably needed money).

    2. shnarker says:
      Bishop Zubik was cleared. See above link, read the DA’s comments.

      That said, this is not a Catholic/Christian/religious issue. It is bigger than that. Essentially the fact that the government is mandating this coverage should concern everyone.

      If a job seeker is weighing a job offer, and the company’s health plan does not cover what the seeker wants, the job seeker can work for another employer. Employers who want to compete for talent may want to offer contraception coverage, but it should be up to the employer, not the government.

      Even if an employer (secular or otherwise) receives some monies for services rendered (sub-contracted or otherwise) from the government, as long as the employer can demonstrate that their funds were used prudently and the services were provided, that should be the end of it.

      Let’s look at this in the opposite direction. If an evangelical is elected President, and mandates that no government funds be given to any employer who offers contraception coverage, the outcry would be amazing. The above argument, among others, would be used. Be careful what you wish for. If you give the feds an inch…

  2. classyferret says:

    Anyone can accuse anyone of anything these days and suffer no legal consequences for their slander. Bishop Zubik appears to be in every way innocent. On the topic at hand: Catholic organizations should NOT have to support abortion however they should be required to dispense birth control, if they receive federal dollars—for the greater good. They can choose to not receive federal money. I believe in religious freedom for Catholics however the Catholic Church’s oppression of women (and female theologians who diverge) and history of protecting the institution and endangering children are Evil and one has to wonder about how sexual issues became so central to the dictates of the faith. I wonder if if what I read is true about religion, viewed scientifically, is true, and Catholicism is a dying religion? A religion has to modernize when moderninity improves lives. If the Catholic church would yield some in areas where they are really leaving themselves behind, i.e. failure to include women as equals, America would be more responsive to their pleas for respect of truly essential beliefs such as those concerning the Evil of abortion.

    1. missbitsyb says:

      Classyferret, we also have to wonder how sexual issues became so central to the US government don’t we??

    2. wrightful says:

      You state that you believe in religious freedom for Catholics, but what exactly does that mean? Are you talkiing disobedience of commandments, church laws, what? As far as opressing women, I respectfully disagree. Lastly, the Catholic church need not yield to anything or anyone, just because “the times have changed.” To the contrary, the Catholic church would do best to “stay the course” in its conservative views and perhaps “weed out” those individuals who wish to belong to the church, but on their terms! Perhaps it would allow for a stronger, more vibrant Catholic community, one in which the individuals WANT to belong and not just change the church to their liking.

  3. wrightful says:

    I think by supporting a child molesting organization you are condemning yourselves to “hell”. Wait… wasn’t he [David Zubik] accused of child molesting last year? what ever happened to that?

    You offer nothing constructive, but instead choose to “lump” an entire group together as a “child molesting organization.” Your words speak volumes about your character. Your only intent is to demean and excoriate a very small percentage of Catholic priests (although none is acceptable). You should be ashamed; however, we know that not to be true.

  4. tigerpaul says:

    “Now let me give you some figures that you as Catholics should know and remember. For example, research by Richard Blackman at Fuller Theological Seminary shows that 12% of the 300 Protestant clergy surveyed admitted to sexual intercourse with a parishioner; 38% acknowledged other inappropriate sexual contact. In a 1990 study by the United Methodist Church, 41.8 percent of clergywomen reported unwanted sexual behavior by a colleague; 17 percent of laywomen said that their own pastors had sexually harassed them. Phillip Jenkins concludes in his book “Pedophiles and Priests” that while 1.7% of the Catholic clergy has been found guilty of pedophilia, 10% of Protestant ministers have been found guilty of pedophilia — this is not a Catholic problem. This is a problem of pure prejudice.”

    We have our problems and the general Catholic population was embarrassed by the cover up, but don’t think we are alone. Humanity has much good and some bad.

    1. wrightful says:

      Thank you for posting the above information, albeit some will never accept the authenticity. I never believed that it was strictly a “Catholic” problem, unless of course one wants to use the definition of all-encompassing or comprehensive (catholic). Indeed “we” have our problems, but your last sentence is an excellent summation: “Humanity has much good and some bad.”

  5. classyferret says:

    Actually, most Catholics believe the birth control offers a social good. There’s the rub. Catholics do not agree with Rome on the evils of birth control. They would not be offended if Catholic instutions such as hospitals gave women the option to use birth control. As such, the Obama administration is not telling Catholics “to Hell with you”….though the case could be made that the Catholic hierarchy itself is being told “to Hell with you”. This is the same hierarchy that is so resistant to change (anti women’s ordination, anti optional celibacy, anti communion for the divorced, etc.) that they ensure the demise of Catholicism in progressive societies. There can be no other outcome.

  6. wrightful says:

    Just wondering if there’s a reason why most recent comment wasn’t posted? Thank you.

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