NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — A touching scene played out in New Kensington Saturday when more than 100 members of the 307th MP Company returned to their families after a yearlong tour in Afghanistan.

The months of missing a spouse, parent or child finally came to an end.

It’s a scene that’s played out too many times in our history. A soldier returns from war, and disrupted lives will soon return to normal.

The emotional reunions brought tears, hugs and kisses.

For 10-year-old Dillon Steighner, he is getting his dad back.

“When I come back to school on Monday[s] it’s hard because all my friends get to say, ‘my dad and I did this, and my dad and I did that.’”

The families have been staying in touch with their loved ones with all the latest technology, text messages, email and Skype. But there’s no replacing the human touch.

Steighner is able to hug his dad now. And when he goes to school this Monday, what a story he will tell. Dad came home from war.

The troops were given a police escort as they arrived at Valley High School for their welcome home.

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