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No Crayon Left Behind is a non-profit group started by Emily Skopov, a mother of two young children.  Her organization collects crayons that have been briefly used by customers of Pittsburgh-area restaurants.

 Crayons that have been damaged are melted down and reformed into new crayons, and then, together with those that were in like-new condition, are sorted into colorful bundles and placed into previously used packaging and distributed to children in need of a creative outlet. At NCLB, they believe that art is fundamental to the healthy development of every child.                                 

As crayons are typically the means by which children first engage with the world of art, we feel it is crucial to provide every child with an abundant supply of these basic art instruments.  By giving a child a crayon, you can empower them with their own imagination and creativity. 

They are treasures that should never be treated as trash.  By saving potentially hundreds of thousands of crayons that would otherwise be discarded, we better the lives of children, as well as the earth they will inherit. 

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