PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Africa meets Appalachia in a vibrant exhibit at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture.

“This exhibit features 31 artists,” says curator Cecile Shellman “They’re from the Pittsburgh region, as well as many areas we now call ‘Affrilachia.’”

She teamed up with a curator in North Carolina to select 46 works of art, for a show called “Common Ground: Affrilachia.”

Pittsburgh artists share the room with artists ranging from New York to Georgia.

“We have people who were inspired by their families, people who were inspired by a particular place, and people who were inspired by memory. And, of course, because all of the artists in this exhibition are African American…what it means to be somebody from an ancestral place, such as Africa, living in the Americas.”

“Affrilachia” is the first exhibit of its kind at the August Wilson Center.

Cecile Shellman sums it up: “The passion and the power of these pieces is really stunning.”

The exhibit continues through March 17.

August Wilson Center
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