PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — This is the time of year when many of us get the urge to start some home improvement projects.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have something that could help to make getting those projects done faster and easier?

UGlu claims to be an industrial strength adhesive in easy-to-use strips that allow you to glue just about any surfaces together, and make fast work of a whole list of home projects.

The commercial shows people hanging pictures, tacking down carpets and even fixing shoes. But does it really do that? A local contractor helped us find out.

Chris Jackson has 25-years’ experience in the business. He’s used to working with tools, not glue strips. Jackson was skeptical about UGlu’s claims, but admits, it would be great if they were true.

“There are times when you need an ace in the hole, and products like this could be helpful… if they live up to their claims,” Jackson said.

Jackson helped us to turn a house he and his crew are working to restore into a test lab for UGlu.

We cleaned and prepped all surfaces as directed, applied the adhesive strips and hung a decorative paddle on the wall, along with some chair rail. Neither one held. In fact, the chair rail slid to the floor in minutes.

We tried to fix a shoe, just like they did on the commercial. We had trouble getting the UGlu to stick to the rubber sole of the shoe, and after positioning it, there was some excess that needed to be trimmed away.

The UGlu stuck to the scissors, making them hard to use. And, when Jackson tried to pull the shoe – as the instant, permanent bond UGlu claims – apart, it did come un-stuck.

Another test from the commercial shows how easy it is to use small UGlu strips to hang numbers on aluminum siding outside. The commercial host uses a power washer on them, and is happy to say they hold up.

We used the same small UGlu strips to hang numbers on aluminum siding outside. Jackson fired up the power washer, and blew the numbers right off the house.

Another showy test from the UGlu commercial shows the host getting in a quick work-out by using UGlu pads to stick handles to a door frame and do some pull-ups!

Jackson’s assistant, Tony, happens to be an award winning body builder. He was able to do a few pull-ups using the same kind of set up, but the handles pulled from the door frame as he did them, and he said it didn’t feel very sturdy.

So, UGlu promises an easy, instant, permanent bond to most surfaces. Does it really do that? Jackson gives it a thumbs down.

“We certainly had some fun here today with this product. But it doesn’t get my endorsement,” Jackson said.

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