Ohio High School Shooting Suspect Identified

CHARDON, Ohio (KDKA) — A student has been arrested in wake of a deadly high school shooting in Ohio.

Witnesses identified the shooter as T.J. Lane. He was chased out of the building by a teacher and later arrested. He is in police custody.

People who knew Lane said he was quiet and never bothered anyone, but was influenced by a Gothic lifestyle.

Sources tell KDKA-TV the gunman may have been jealous that one of the victims was dating his ex-girlfriend who was homeschooled.

The shooting happened in the cafeteria of a high school in Chardon, Ohio – about 30 minutes east of Cleveland in Geauga County.

“You see glances of your friends laying all over the place, there’s blood, there’s people screaming, everybody’s running in different directions, and you’re just trying to get out,” Nate Mueller said.

Mueller says he was three-feet away when the gunman fired shots at his table. Mueller was grazed in the ear by a bullet.

“It felt like a BB almost – a pellet gun or something of that sort,” he said. “It almost didn’t feel real.”

Five other students were hit by gunfire. Daniel Parmertor, 18, died at a Cleveland hospital. Four others, including a female, were injured. Two of them are listed in critical condition. One of them is in serious condition and a fourth is in stable condition.

“Our prayers go out to the five victims and their families first and foremost and again, we shift our mode into looking at them, we feel so disheartened,” Chardon Schools Supt. Joe Bergant said.

During the chaos, some students ran for the door while others crawled on the floor. The school was immediately put on lockdown. Hundreds of parents showed up to take their children home.

Classes at Chardon area schools are canceled for Tuesday and several candlelight vigils are scheduled throughout the community this week.

Suspect Arrested In Ohio School Shooting
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One Comment

  1. What if we just don’t have traditional school anymore beyond 5th grade (when kids are old enough to stay home alone)? All these shootings are happening in high schools, not elementary anyway. Buy each kid a laptop and have them homeschool themselves. Save a load of money and lives too.

  2. usairforce10 says:

    In reply to the previous comment: Who exactly is going to make sure that homework is done? Who is going to make sure they are learning[as well as not cheating] and playing on laptops all day? If your willing to supervise then by all means, go ahead. Where exactly should we be getting this money from? Buying kids laptops would be expensive & what if they broke them? How about we figure out what might have caused this shooting & see what could potentially reduce violence in the future instead of pretending nothing happened.

  3. rnfrommo says:

    How about we put metal detectors in these schools. And keeping kids home with laptops won’t solve the problem because there ARE kids in elementary school taking handguns to school – it just happened recently. Don’t blame this kid’s choice of being “gothic” on his actions. Kids now days don’t know how to deal with real-life issues – much like a girl not liking you as a boyfriend anymore. We are raising a generation of selfish, tech sophisticated, brats needing immediate gratification. We’ve taken away any basic problem solving skills – there’s so much at their fingertips, just one click and there’s an “answer” rather than using a brain and taking the time. With all the technology available our kids are NOT smarter. Education greatly lacks in this country and violence and violent acts increase.
    I feel greatly for the victims and families, especially the dead student and the parents of the shooter. Watch the movie “Beautiful Boy” – it depicts the grief this boy has now inflicted on his victims, their families, and his family. Only difference is this shooter didn’t turn the gun on himself.
    Praise to the teacher who chased the kid out of the school.

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