MILLVALE (KDKA) — Several vehicles were damaged along a street in Millvale when paint was poured and smeared all over them during the overnight hours.

Authorities say the vandalism happened in the 800-block of Long Street in Millvale.

Ten cars were drenched with gallons of white, latex paint.

“It looks like a paint war,” said Meleny Ciolkose. “Cars were dripped with paint, it was just a mess.”

But the vandals didn’t just dump the paint; they took the time to smear it all over the vehicles sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.

“Mine was the driver’s side of the car, half of the windshield, and the front and the side window,” said Ciolkose.

Police say the vandals are likely kids; they found three paint cans in a nearby ditch. Those were collected for evidence. Police are hoping to be able to pull fingerprints.

“What kind of parents are letting their kids run around and do this kind of stuff?” said Ciolkose. “I know my kids are sleeping in bed where they’re supposed to be.”

People spent the morning washing their cars. The paint came off with soap and water, and police say their doesn’t appear to be any major damage.

In the meantime, the Millvale Fire Department was called in to help clean up the road.

“We’re basically putting oil dry down, letting it soak in; we’re going to sweep it up and we’re going to bag it and take it for disposal.,” said Lt. Karl Cavanaugh, of the Millvale Volunteer Fire Department.

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