By David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –An employee who walked into the lobby at Western Psych during the shooting describes the scene as “surreal.”

She doesn’t want to be identified, but said, “I walked into the lobby and there was blood everywhere.”

She said she doesn’t remember how many shots she heard.

“It was traumatic,” she said.

Another woman who was in the lobby from the beginning reports hearing as many as 30 shots.

She says she hit the ground and described the scene as “pretty much chaos.”

“[I] was just standing at Western Psych and this gentleman came in and just started opening fire,” she said.

She credits University of Pittsburgh police officers with saving lives by returning fire.

“The Pitt police did an extraordinary job getting the situation under control because there’s not many of them and they saved a lot of lives there,” the witness said.

The employee who walked into the lobby says she now feels “shock and outrage.”

She remembers the sick feeling she had when one of her fellow employees in her unit hadn’t called in. She was visibly shaken during our interview.

When asked specifics about gunshots, she answered, “I was hiding. I had my head down. I don’t remember.”

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