By Paul Martino

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There was a heavy presence of security outside of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Oakland one day after a deadly shooting rampage.

S.E.I.U., the union that represents 200 WPIC employees, is looking for some answers.

“Health care workers face much higher levels of workplace assault than many other kinds of employees,” Neil Bisno, a spokesman for the union, says, “and it’s a significant issue and we really look forward to working closely and collaboratively with UPMC to comprehensively review the policies and protocols in place to make sure that this can never happen again.”

The union is sidestepping questions about complaints of inadequate security in Western Psych’s lobby. Still, others say the carnage couldn’t have been prevented.

“If someone is going to be determined to harm somebody else, they’re going through the front door, they’re gonna start shooting, so you can post people out front but they’re going to still try to get in,” Robert Youker, a Pitt researcher, told KDKA-TV.

Meantime, there is widespread praise for the Pitt police officers who acted quickly and for the bravery of Western Psych employees.

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