PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The owner of a local business was arrested following a brawl at a Sharpsburg bar over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

People who were at Big Pat’s in Sharpsburg admit there was a fight, but it was not a major brawl. They say it happened while the owner was trying to protect his business.

According to witnesses, the trouble started when the bar owner, identified as Walter Rogowski, found three men in an alleged drug deal in an upstairs bathroom.

“All I know is people doing drugs in a bar; tried to throw them out,” said Connie Sorochman, an employee.

Rogowski’s fiancé, Roberta Rihn, says when he ordered them to leave, their friends who were shooting pool started a fight.

“Their other friends who were shooting pool weren’t too happy about it – started screaming, swearing, coming at them and ended up hitting them with a bunch of pool sticks,” said Rihn.

“He had probably three or four people on top of him,” said Sorochman.

Rihn says she ran downstairs and called 911.

The fight continued as a cue ball was thrown into a window, and Rogowski’s brother was hit in the back with a pool stick. Eventually, patrons who were downstairs reportedly got involved.

“The patrons from down here went up to help the owner of the bar cause he was getting beat with pool sticks,” said Rihn.

Rogowski was arrested, and was reportedly Tased by police.

“Sharpsburg police Tased him thinking that he was going to hit them with a pool stick, not knowing he was hitting the other guy,” Rihn said.

Rogowski was released on bond. Friends say if the case goes to trial, he’ll have a strong defense because the entire incident was captured on video by surveillance cameras.

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