PLUM (KDKA) — There is confusion and concern among parents whose children go to a local child care center in Plum.

The daycare says it is closely following accusations that a former teacher allegedly got too rough with children.

Genesis Child Care in Plum sent a letter to parents saying the facility, which is located at Pittsburgh East Community Church, would cease operations on April 20.

As parents made their way into the center Thursday, they were very emotional about the recent decision to close the daycare following two separate accusations that an employee rough-handled a child.

“We haven’t been told anything. It’s just so frustrating,” said Joe Holmes, a parent. “This place is just trying to save face.”

The accused employee was investigated by CYF after the first accusation.

Pittsburgh East Community Church administrators say the agency found the accusations unfounded. But after a second claim was made, the employee was immediately terminated.

While Plum police are still investigating, some parents feel like the problem has been taken care of and that the center should stay open.

“This happens at other daycares and they don’t run and hide and shut down,” said Holmes. “You reprimand the person, you find out what’s going on, you have a meeting and you terminate the employee and move on.”

In a statement, administrators say they’re closing due to the impacts of the allegations, saying: “Unfortunately, this decision negatively impacts the many families and employees who wholeheartedly have loved and believed in the daycare center for many years.”

Of course, one of the negative impacts is leaving parents struggling to find an alternative daycare.

“One bad apple in the great bunch in there shouldn’t ruin everything like this,” Holmes added.

Church administrators say the daycare will remain open on the weekends during church services.

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