Hoarder Evicted From Friendship Apartment

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man labeled as a hoarder by authorities is out of his apartment in Friendship.

Ken Goldsmith grabbed three bags and walked out Friday. He had refused to leave for 10 months.

“You’re gonna make a media circus out of this,” Goldsmith said to the sheriff’s deputy.

“The last thing I want is to see you hurt,” the deputy said.

The apartment has approximately six tons of trash inside, including possible rodents and human waste.

“I don’t want to jeopardize the health of the citizens of this county,” Richard Fersch, a sergeant with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department, said. “I’m sorry.”

Left to sort through the trash and pay for the clean-up is the landlord, Connie Lucey, who fought judges, lawyers and even the health department to get Goldsmith out of her apartment.

“I’m just happy – I just don’t want him to do it to anybody else and I hope Ken gets the help that he needs, but he’s onto his next victim, so be out there, be waiting for him,” she said.

Records show Goldsmith has done this in a half dozen apartments in the county, leaving landlords with the cleanup and thousands of dollars in bills.

There’s no word on Goldsmith’s location.

The health department is expected to be at the apartment next week and will advise Lucey on how to get rid of the trash.

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One Comment

  1. alicepolarbear says:

    I had the horrible experience of co-owning a duplex with a hoarder. I has the upstairs unit, and it was like living over an open sewer. I finally forced a buyout and got rid of him. Took me several weeks to get all the trash out of his former unit, multiple full-truck trips to the dump, and a thorough washing-down with Nature’s Miracle (odor killing product sold at pet stores) to get rid of the stink. The squalor these people leave behind is stomach-turning. It was a nightmare! I feel for the landlady.

  2. inachu says:

    If US govt did not take so much out of a paycheck maybe he could afford to leave the house for soem entertainment. gov makes many live paycheck to paycheck and depressed never to leave the house.

  3. popkorn520 says:

    @inachu Hoarding is a mental disorder, and odds are he isn’t collecting a paycheck anyways…just disability. We are all paying his rent.

  4. muneshadowe says:

    I watched the Discovery Channel at one time when there was a hoarder that was actually seeking treatment. He actually had his therapist riding around in the truck with him so she could stop him when he was going around on trash and treasure day to grab stuff. When I got done I went into my garage and did a massive cleaning inside and it was wonderful to be able to park my car with more room around it.

    1. I’m in process of getting things cleaned out too. Mostly it’s work supplies, parts, and tools, but I”ve changed industries and can’t justify keeping stuff any more.

  5. ryanlaframboise says:

    The only thing anybody should be hoarding right now is economic collapse survival gear and guns and ammunition. http://www.lulaf.com

    1. Of course, that makes you an enemy of the DHS. But, I coudn’t agree more: Food, water, fuel (whether it be firewood, diesel, propane, solar/wind power), and protection from looters.
      Books have the dual purpose of being makeshift sandbags on exterior walls and entertainment/education later.

  6. I used to be a landlord. The government holds you responsible for your tenants actions because you have property they can take from you if you don’t clean up after them and fix the damage they caused.
    They also fight you to let them stay in “your” property for free.

  7. wandarzimm says:

    I have been a landlord also, several different properties.
    The officials who have known this man for so long should be ashamed of themselves.(there are records somewhere in some department if they can say that this has happened 6 times in the past)
    This gentleman obviously needs help for this affliction he is suffering from.
    It is nice that the police says’ the last thing i want to see is you getting hurt’ and the landlady says ‘she hopes he will get the help he needs’. Somebody needs step up to the plate here and get this man the help he needs!

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