NEW ALEXANDRIA (KDKA) – A 2-year-old Husky is back with his owner today thanks to some Good Samaritans in Westmoreland County.

Police initially thought the dog had been stolen, but later learned some teenagers had actually gone out of their way to help the dog make its way home.

“He’s plain husky. He’s a pain in my butt, but he’s good dog. He’s nice to have around, keep us on our feet,” Cas Lee, of Blairsville said.

And keeping them on their feet may be an understatement. Lee had just brought Alaska home after purchasing him from someone in Michigan.

“Wednesday night after chaining him up for first night of him being in Pennsylvania, he decided to take off,” Lee said.

Alaska took off up busy Route 22 and found his way to the New Alexandria Sheetz. Workers there tied him to a post behind the store until Chris Grycuk took notice.

“We asked them what they were gonna do with it and they said they were gonna take it to a shelter, so me and T.J. asked if we could take it and they said, ‘Yeah,’” Grycuk said.

He and his friend T.J. Roberts posted an ad on Craigslist to try and locate Alaska’s owner, but it turned out not to be necessary.

Police were able to use surveillance video from the Sheetz to get a license plate number for the teens who took Alaska, but before police could track them down, the teens heard that a local man was looking for his Husky and called police to let them know they had the dog.

“I feel pretty good about it,” Gryscuk said.

Cas Lee feels pretty good too. He hasn’t met the teens who helped to get Alaska back home, but wants them to know that he is thankful.

“It was a little heart wrenching at first, but now we got him back,” Lee said. “Really appreciate everything they did and everyone here at Sheetz and State police helping out.”

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