PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh Pirates have been playing baseball in this town for 126 years; yet this year, something feels a little bit different.

From ownership all the way down, they say this could be the year that things turn around.

“We are much stronger, we are much deeper and you’re really beginning to see the impact of what we’ve been doing, not only last year and not only this off-season, but over the past three and four and five years, to build strength into the organization,” said Pirates’ Chairman Bob Nutting.

Nutting was one of the many guests on Pittsburgh Today Live Thursday morning.

Pirates’ President Frank Coonelly also made an appearance. He says signing Andrew McCutchen to a multi-year contract is a sign of the team’s commitment to winning.

“We are serious and it’s our time,” said Coonelly. “Andrew was the right person, the right player, the right individual, and the greatest thing is, he wanted to be here in Pittsburgh. He loves Pittsburgh and loved growing up in the organization and wanted to be here so we were happy to make that commitment and happy he was willing to make that commitment to the organization.”

A year ago, the Pirates were in first place in late July before fading on their way to a record 19th consecutive losing season.

This time around, Nutting says the Buccos have a chance to win, and not just go .500.

“The Pittsburgh Pirates are right there in it,” said Nutting.

If you missed the Pirates in the Home Opener today, you won’t get a chance Friday; but Saturday and Sunday they are back home at PNC Park.

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