PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The series of bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh have prompted police to impose some new security measures on campus.

University officials said these measures were put in place because of escalated evacuations, including one early Monday morning that woke students and forced them out of their dorms.

Pitt students felt the weight of the dozens of recent bomb threats as they carried their books and everything else they needed for class Monday morning. Some put their supplies in plastic bags.

“It’s starting to feel terrorizing,” one Pitt student said.

In anticipation of additional threats, the university is now restricting packages inside campus buildings.

On Sunday, Pitt released a new set of security measures that went into effect Monday. According to that e-mail, faculty, staff and students will have to show university ID’s to enter a secured campus building following threats.

Only one entrance will then be available in those buildings. Once the search is complete, no bags will be allowed.

Also, only residents of dorms will have access to residence halls and no visitors will be permitted.

“I’m hopeful that it will do something,” said sophomore Josh Szurley. “At least Pitt is doing something about the security measures and they’re trying to improvise and make things better. But I don’t know in the long run if it’s going to actually do that much good.”

University officials were hoping that implementing the security steps would speed up searches. But, early Monday morning, four residence halls were evacuated, and shortly before noon, the University Club received a threat.

Students were concerned about the new policies. The university is reconsidering the backpack policy.

Officials said not all campus buildings will have limited access, but to expect that to change in the coming days.

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