SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Aggressive driving is becoming an issue in several local communities; now, local authorities have launched a program called Eyes on Eight in hopes of cracking down on the growing problem.

Speed has proven to be a contributing factor to several crashes along Route 8, according to police. Their message to commuters today was to slow down.

Clocked at 54 miles per hour, one driver could not avoid police this morning. The speed limit is 40 along the busy stretch of Route 8 in Shaler Township, something many fail to do.

“We’re clocking every car that goes by and just pulling in the ones that are well over the speed limit,” said Sgt. Sean Frank, of the Shaler police department.

In an effort to tame aggressive drivers, a statewide initiative was kicked off Thursday morning to crack down on speeding, tailgating and running red-lights.

The ticket may come with a hefty price, but officers say speed can come with a higher price, sometimes ending in fatal crashes.

“We have a fair amount of speeding and we’ve had some serious crashes,” said Sgt. Frank. “In fact, recently a school bus crashed due to aggressive driving on the other driver’s part.”

PennDOT says there are thousands of aggressive driving accidents every year.

From now until April 29, hundreds of municipalities across Pennsylvania will have officers putting the brakes on those drivers with one thing mind.

“It is for a common goal and safety is our goal,” Sgt. Frank added.

PennDOT says this initiative was thanks in part to millions of dollars in federal funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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