PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The prom has become a sensitive issue at Oakland Catholic High School.

The school enacted a policy intended to cut down on attendance of “anti-prom” – a non-school related event that was created in 2008 due to what some call overly strict rules regarding dress code and dancing for the school-sponsored prom.

An article on the school’s website explains the policy this way. If a student requests a letter of recommendation from a teacher for a college application, that student has to sign a memorandum of understanding, meaning no cheating, plagiarism and no “anti-prom.”

If the student breaks that commitment, the teacher who wrote the recommendation can pull it which could potentially jeopardize that student’s chances of getting into college.

At an Oakland Catholic girls lacrosse game, the students and their parents were reluctant to speak on camera because of the fear of retaliation from the school.

The website article says the anti-prom has created negativity and that before it came more than 100 couples would attend the school’s official prom.

Since its inception, fewer than 20 couples attended.

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