SLIPPERY ROCK (KDKA) — Police plan to re-interview a 20-year-old Slippery Rock University student who said she was sexually assaulted off-campus.

The woman told police the assault happened outside The Ginger Hill Tavern located a few blocks from campus.

Witnesses tell KDKA-TV the woman was drinking at the tavern. The alleged rape happened in the parking lot.

The victim returned to the bar and later reported the assault. Investigators have good surveillance video inside and out.

They have some people in mind they want to interview.

“Right now, the state police is looking for any leads,” State Trooper Dan Kesten said.

State police and Slippery Rock University are taking the incident seriously, but there is some confusion about what happened.

“She is not now or was she ever in any critical physical condition as a result of that,” Rita Abent, of Slippery Rock University, said. “In fact, the young lady reportedly went to class this morning.”

There were also inaccurate reports that as many as six assailants were involved.

“We’re being told by the state police that that is probably not true,” Abent said.

University administrators sent safety alert emails as soon as police notified them.

“So we are somewhat at their mercy relative to information that’s being released,” Abent said.

The victim was taken to a local hospital where she was examined and released.

University officials say regardless of what led to the situation, they would be remiss if they didn’t say they were concerned about the young woman involved.

State police plan to re-interview the alleged victim Tuesday.

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