PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Three quarters of a million local residents may get a new congressman this fall as Democrat Mark Critz and Republican Keith Rothfus battle to represent this area.

“People are concerned that big government is turning out the lights,” Rothfus said.

“They’re turning out the lights at our power plants. They’re turning out the lights at our community banks. They’re turning off the lights at our doctor’s offices. I tell everybody that we got to relight America with a new set of policies coming out of Washington.”

The new 12th district stretches from the Ohio line through Lawrence and Beaver counties, northern Allegheny and Westmoreland counties into Cambria and Somerset counties.

“I am conservative on some issues, but when you come down to it, every decision I make is about working families,” Critz said. “It’s about making sure that everyone has a shot.”

Both candidates are taking shots. Rothfus says Critz is no conservative.

“When a conservative Democrat votes to keep Obamacare in place, I don’t think you’re a conservative Democrat,” he said.

Critz says unlike Rothfus, he won’t repeal the good parts of the bill.

“He’s against closing the donut hole for seniors, he’s against funding for them to get a free physical every year, for keeping kids on their parent’s insurance through the age of 26,” he said.

And Critz says Rothfus doesn’t even live in the 12th congressional district.

“Keith lives in the 18th,” he said. “If he is so intent on being in Congress, why is he moving to a different district to run?”

“We’re about 30 days from living in the district. We put an offer on a house,” Rothfus said. “Look, we live a thousand feet from the district line. My kids go to school in the district. My church is in the district. It’s not an issue.”

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