PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One of Pittsburgh’s most iconic pizza shops is currently shut down.

Vincent’s Pizza Park in North Braddock has been around for more than 50 years, but now the future of the business is uncertain.

It was a shock to employees and the manager when sheriff’s deputies showed up Thursday and told everybody to get their belongings and get out because they were shutting the place down.

On Friday, a sheriff’s sale notice could be seen posted on the front door of the pizza shop.

Shelly Farren, the general manager, said she didn’t know the place was closing until the sheriff’s deputies showed up.

“It kind of blindsided us all, basically,” she said. “The sheriff came in and closed it down. That was it.”

John Belissimo, who is part owner of Vincent’s Pizza Park, says the closure of the shop comes from what he describes as a legal mess.

Belissimo says there’s been a disagreement between the three owners over the franchise agreement and there’s also an issue over failure to pay royalties of more than $40,000.

“It has to reopen. I mean people are up in arms already,” Farren said.

Vincent’s Pizza Park pizza is somewhat of a legend.

The Vinny Pie was created by the original owner, Vinnie Chianese. He passed away two years ago. The thick crust and mounds of toppings draw in the crowds.

The hope is that the shop on Ardmore Boulevard, the original location, will reopen.

Vinnie’s daughter is one of the three owners, and her lawyer says Pittsburgh pizza lovers should not panic.

According to the notice on the door, the sheriff’s sale is scheduled for May 22.

STAR Pittsburgh: Vincent’s On Ardmore Boulevard Is Closed (5/18/12)
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