PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There’s something not quite right with the Malone sisters of North Hills High School.

They’re not normal. They seem to enjoy pain.

“Some of the work is quite painful,” says longtime North Hills track coach John Wilkie, “but they not only tolerate it, they seem relish it.”

Margo is a senior, Shannon a junior, Mary a sophomore. Together they are one of the most successful sibling trio’s in WPIAL history.

“They were born to run,” Wilkie says.

The sisters haven’t run since birth, but it wasn’t long after.

“We started running in 4th grade. We went to Catholic school at St. Theresa’s,” Margo says. “We got cookies if we finished.”

“I think that’s when Margo realized she really liked it,” adds Shannon.

“And then Shannon did it,” says Mary, “and then they liked it so I did it.”

And together, the three have been motivating each other every day.

“On a snowy or rainy day,” says Margo, “if one person goes out and runs, the other two can’t just sit there.”

“If Margo says I’m going for a run,” says Mary, “we have to go for a run.”

“We always call Margo the captain,” says their mother Midge, “because she always gets everyone ready to go.”

In most races, there will be a Malone or two leading the charge to the finish line. Margo just won the WPIAL championship in the 3200m, she broke her own record in the 1600m, but finished second.

Typically the sisters finish in order of age, but that changed in one race this year.

“At the Butler Invitational,” Shannon says, “I just beat (Margo) by a little bit.”

“That was fun for her,” Margo says with a laugh.

All three sisters say it will be weird when Margo is no longer running with them next season when she will attend Syracuse University.

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