PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The holiday weekend warm-up is being welcomed by some, but the arrival of the hot temperatures is bringing with it a warning from doctors and other experts.

With temperatures sweltering near 90 degrees Saturday, Chad Cottrill couldn’t resist taking a dip in the Allegheny River.

“It was very cold,” he said. “I wasn’t expecting it to be that cold, but after I got in, it was very refreshing after being out here all day.”

Pittsburghers have been enjoying some beautiful, but very hot weather during this Memorial Day weekend.

“I looked at the weather a week ahead of time and it said 87, 86 degrees, and I said, ‘Oh boy, better be on the water than going golfing,’” one boater said.

But whether you’re walking, biking or boating in this weather, Dr. Mark Marynowski – a doctor in the Allegheny General Hospital Emergency Room – has some advice.

“If you have access to air conditioning or a cool place, it’s important to try to seek that out,” he said. “If you are going to be outside, you want to try to limit the amount of time in the sun as much as possible; and above everything, really keep yourself very well hydrated.”

Some people are heeding that advice to stay indoors near the air conditioner.

The Homewood Healthy Active Living Community Center is one of two locations in the city where people can go to stay cool.

“There’s absolutely no reason for anybody to suffer from heat exhaustion during this time of the year or cold conditions at the other time of the year,” said the center’s Reginald Tolliver.

But some people have been waiting for the hot weather to arrive. And they’re taking the necessary precautions for dealing with the heat.

“Little bit of sunblock, staying indoors, hydrating,” one Pittsburgher said.

“I love it,” added another person who was out enjoying the day. “I think it’s great; and I’m glad it’s finally here cause it means we’re closer to football season.”

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