SHALER (KDKA) — There’s a sense of astonishment among neighbors on Grant Avenue in Shaler.

Someone who lived next to them has been arrested for a murder that happened 32 years ago across the country in California.

Patrick Salmon, 53, was arrested two weeks ago, after police in Santa Monica reopened a cold case.

In 1980, a 16-year-old was shot in the head and killed during a home invasion. Two teens were convicted as co-conspirators, but the gunman was never found.

KDKA’s David Highfield reports:

KCBS-TV reports that police credit a recent DUI arrest plus updated computer database technology with helping to crack the case.

Jason Sims, a neighbor of Salmon’s in Shaler, saw police there but didn’t know what was going on. Now that he does, he says, “It’s surprising. I had no clue, absolutely none. He kept to himself. We keep to ourselves.”

But the person who may be enduring the biggest shock is Salmon’s wife of 20 years.

“I can’t believe this,” said Sandy Salmon. “I don’t believe it because the man that I know, and the man that I married, is the kindest, sweetest person in the world.”

She says her husband, who worked most of his life in assisted living facilities, has liver failure and is now dying.

KDKA’s Ross Guidotti reports:

She also says her husband told her that he didn’t remember anything about what he allegedly did.

“Now if he did it, wouldn’t he remember?” asked Sandy Salmon.

She says she will stand by him.

Patrick Salmon is being held in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting extradition.

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