BELLEFONTE (KDKA) – Emotions ran high during the second day of testimony in the child sex abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky on Tuesday.

Former Penn State graduate assistant Mike McQueary took the stand Tuesday afternoon.

McQueary testified about seeing Sandusky and unidentified alleged Victim No. 2 in the showers of the Lasch building.

“I saw in the mirror coach Sandusky behind a boy – his back right up against his front. The boy’s hands were up against the wall….in the closest proximity. I was extremely alarmed, extremely flustered,” McQueary said.

Prosecutor: Did you see anal sex?

McQueary: I thought I saw that.

But the defense attorney, Joe Amendola, pointed to discrepancies in just when he saw it.

In response to why he didn’t call police, McQueary, referring to Gary Shultz who oversaw the police, said, “I thought I was talking to the police when I told Gary Shultz.”

Meantime, alleged Victim No. 1 proved to be the most emotional while talking about the alleged sex acts inside the Sandusky home.

He said Sandusky’s wife was upstairs when the acts happened in the basement bedroom.

“It mostly happened at night but it stopped one night when his wife called him from upstairs. He left and that’s one of the few nights I got a good night’s sleep,” he said.

Between sobs on the stand, he testified about the details of that contact.

The witness said he came from a broken home and never knew his father. When asked why he didn’t tell mother early on he said, ”I was embarrassed and confused. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t tell my mom. She enjoyed that I had a role model. I couldn’t just say no.”

The alleged victim’s attorney Michael Boni spoke to reporters.

“He explained that he was scared and at the time that he underreported was based out of embarrassment and shame,” Boni said.

The jury will hear from six more alleged victims in addition to the janitors who will testify about an unknown victim before the defense begins its case.

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