TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) – The first responders at the Garden City Volunteer Fire Department are always there for their community and when they needed help, they reached out to a local company.

The firefighters contracted All-Weather Roofing owner Mitch Mitchell for a new roof, but after shelling out thousands of dollars they ended up with shoddy work.

“Myself and my five-year-old daughter could have done this,” said Firefighter Rich Atwood.

By appearances, slipshod pasting of rubber sheeting was laid over problem areas.

“They just cut pieces of it and I don’t know Elmer’s glued them or something on,” he said. “I don’t know what they used.”

The roof had never leaked before, but now water drips freely into the Home Away From home Early Childhood Development Center downstairs, leaving the firefighters seething over about Mitch Mitchell.

“If he’s willing to do it to a volunteer fire company, he’s willing to do it to an old couple on Social Security or a handicapped couple who have no means of finding extra money,” Atwood said.

Turns out the Mitchells have been accused of doing the same thing to clients for years, only they’ve done it under other company names.

Court records show a dozen unpaid judgments against companies called Able Roofing, Able 1 Roofing and Dun Rite Roofing — all owned by the Mitchells.

But after KDKA-TV stories about the Mitchells, the Attorney General took the Mitchells to court and last year judge Todd Randall enjoined them from performing any contracting work until they pay the court a $25,000 judgment.

That judgment hasn’t been paid and firefighter Atwood wonders how they can be out there still doing business.

“After the story that I saw that you did and the amount of people that he has messed over, the guy needs stopped,” he said. “He needs stopped.”

Although the Mitchells appear to be in violation of this court order, it will be up to the Attorney General to file a motion to find them in contempt of court.

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