LA BELLE (KDKA) — It was supposed to be a peaceful, scenic place to spend their later years.

But it has turned out to be anything but for a local retired couple who say they wake up every morning to the sight and smell of garbage.

The Climes retired in Fayette County along the Monongahela River to enjoy its beauty, but they say lately it has become more of an eyesore.

“It’s a sad state of affairs,” says Michael Climes.

He is talking about the garbage that has accumulated in the river, which runs past the front door of his Riverside Drive home in La Belle.

“It forms islands in the morning,” he says. “This is nothing but a mess of trees, and as you can see, it’s all over the place. Plastic and you name it – tires, rubber tires and it’s become horrendous.”

Climes say the garbage builds up because it can’t pass through the Maxwell Dam. He says it then gets shifted when barges pass through. It’s something his wife is tired of waking up to.

“A typical morning when you get up and you go out on your deck and all you can see is, oh my gosh, nothing but garbage,” said Ginny Climes.

She says it is at its worst in the morning.

The climes say the garbage has a nasty smell, especially on these hot summer days, and it also attracts river rats.

They are hoping that speaking out about the problem will bring about change.

“I’d like to see the Corp. of Engineers start maintaining the dam,” said Michael.

The garbage got so bad their neighbors actually decided to sell the boat they use to dock on the river. The neighborhood hopes they will someday be able to enjoy the river again.

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