PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — People across the country are reacting following Thursday morning’s release of the Freeh Report, an independent investigation into how Penn State officials handled the child sexual abuse case involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.

After hundreds of interviews and internal emails were examined, the Freeh Report says university leaders failed to protect the children and instead protected the school.

One person who has been following the case closely is Point Park University journalism professor and author Bill Moushey.


Moushey has written a book on the Jerry Sandusky scandal, the Attorney General’s investigation and what he calls “the culture of silence” at Penn State.

Moushey says he feels vindicated following the release of the Freeh Report.

He says that he came to similar conclusions in his book, “Game Over.” However, following it’s release, the book was vilified by the family of the late Joe Paterno and by PSU alumni.

Now, Moushey says the Freeh report confirms his own conclusions.

“That people would not only orchestrate a cover-up of child abuse for 14 years, but also the idea that people on that campus made no efforts to vet the accusations in almost every instance; and in fact, in the 2001 event that Mike McQueary reported to Joe Paterno, they said that by telling Sandusky about the accusations without identifying who the child was put that child in danger a second time,” said Moushey.

Moushey’s book came out in April.

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