PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — More than 13,000 drivers use the ramp from the Crosstown Expressway to the Boulevard of the Allies ramp daily, but it will be out of commission for a few months.

“This ramp is going to be closed Monday through late September,” PennDOT District 11 spokesman Jim Struzzi said.

Drivers who use the ramp will need to detour as soon as they come off the Veterans Bridge onto Sixth or Seventh Avenue exit.

That worries PennDOT.

“A lot of people are not aware that it’s going to be closed. They miss the exit for the detour and then they’re stuck traveling across the Liberty Bridge,” Struzzi said.

And you’ll be on your own to find a place to turnaround. Meantime, the detour will be no walk in the park.

Once you exit onto Sixth Avenue, go down Ross Street through several traffic lights. Then, make right onto First Avenue, another right onto Grant Street and then another right onto the ramp to the Boulevard of the Allies ramp and points east.

“We will have police there to help keep traffic moving,” Struzzi said.

PennDOT chose not to detour traffic around the point across the Fort Duquesne Bridge to the Parkway East because of the amount of rush hour traffic that already uses that route and all the construction work already affecting the point.

“I think people just need to be patient, be prepared – this is going to be a long term closure,” he said.

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