By Dave Crawley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said 133 city employees lost more than 2,000 pounds combined at a celebration at the City County Building.

Weight Watchers teamed up employees’ CityFit program in April of last year. The diet and exercise program has paid off.

“We created 15 activities that employees can participate in,” said the mayor, “ranging from free health screenings and nutritional counseling, to softball and basketball leagues to build work force camaraderie.”

Many of the employees took part in the simplest exercise of all: Leave the office and go out for a lunchtime walk. A stroll of about 30 minutes could burn off 150 calories.

The city honored five who achieved their lifetime weight goal. Kim Osterman is 26 pounds lighter than before. “It’s individual for everyone,” she says. “You can find something that you like and still lose weight.”

Laurie Dierker lost more than 50 pounds. “I had to buy new clothes three times. It was awesome. It was worth it – worth all the money. And it was fun to shop.”

And the city saves money in lower health care costs.

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