MCKEESPORT (KDKA) – A father-to-be was shot and killed in McKeesport Monday night.

Relatives said the shooting happened so quickly that no one had time to react.

The family of 20-year-old Jabar Ford said the shooting could have injured anyone in the house . However, it was Jabar who went to answer the door when suddenly a shot was fired.

Ford was the oldest of five kids, passionate about music, a family man and about to be a father. His pregnant girlfriend is due this month with their baby girl and was in the house when he was shot.

A single bullet was fired through the closed front door on Coursin Street just after 11 p.m. Ford’s brother, Dashawn Reid, said before the shot was fired, there was a knock at the door. Ford didn’t even have time to answer, but looked once through the peephole.

“He starts to back up, but as he backs up, a shot was fired. Once,” Reid said. “He said, ‘I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I’m about to die.’ And he was so scared. He was so scared.”

Ford died at the hospital from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Reid is trying to stay strong for his family, knowing that his brother’s murder could go unsolved if no one comes forward.

He said the end result in McKeesport too often is street justice and and wants police to step up to keep the streets safe.

“Start having cops walk around the area, patrol areas,” Reid said.

Family is only beginning to grieve, while awaiting the arrival of Ford’s daughter. They are hoping that anyone with information tells police.


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