DORMONT (KDKA) — Fifth-grader Chloe Benincasa and her mother walk right past the technology aisle in the Staples store in Dormont.

But Carola Benincasa says her son, in middle school, is a different story.

“He’s got the Kindle Fire, he’s got the iPod. We’ll have to get fancy iPods for him and things like that.”

“Locker accessories. Kids love this kind of stuff. We have a little chandelier here,” Assistant Manager Scott Hummel said. He is talking about a chandelier for a locker.

Back to school shopping has changed considerably since he was a kid.

In addition to the standard pens and notebooks, he says, “You’re looking at calculators, graphing calculators, you have the Spanish to English dictionaries. They’re all electronic now. It’s all technology. Thumb drives, computer software, computers themselves. Even in middle school, we’re seeing them coming in and buying laptops.”

Parents may need some schooling themselves before they embark on back to school shopping in the technology era.

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