PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Moving can be a challenging process; and it’s even more difficult when it involves moving one of your children off to college for the first time.

But Carlow University is trying to make the process as easy as possible.

“We provide valet service, as well as a moving company that comes to assist so that we can get everyone into their rooms and enjoy orientation a little bit faster,” said Carrie Benson, the assistant director of campus life at Carlow.

Professional movers meet the families at the curb, help them unload their things into tubs and move them into the dorms. It helps incoming students and their parents.

“My mom’s a wreck,” said Kimberly Ransom, a Carlow fresman. “She doesn’t know what she is gonna do.”

“They do a lot for you,” added Lynn Ransom, Kimberly’s mom. “It was real nice, takes the pressure off.”

Carlow says it does it to help ease the adjustment for the 200 some incoming freshmen.

“It just kind of popped up on me,” said Natalie Alexander, a Carlow student. “I just kind of put it off and didn’t think it would ever come and now it’s here.”

And they know this transition time is not easy for the parents either.

“She’s close, but it’s an everyday thing where you know where they’re at all the time,” said Dina Alexander, Natalie’s mom. “You could sit down and eat together all the time. Those are moments you won’t have.”

But just getting everything out of the car and into the dorm is just a start. There still is the challenge of settling in.

“I’m definitely not used to this bed. [It is] tiny compared to mine,” said Courtney Reddy, a Carlow freshman. “So, it’s going to be different and it’s going to be interesting to see how me and my roommate get along, and not having my parents there to help me with everything.”

Carlow University says it wants to make sure the students are ready when classes start, and that’s why they make the move-in process as simple as possible.

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