BELLEVUE (KDKA) — Football fans go to extremes when it comes to holding the best tailgate parties– everyone trying to outdo the next guy.

For three local inventors from Bellevue,  they would like help you make the competition green with envy with your own portable keg carrier.

“We wanted to get away and by having a bar in our house, we were able to piece together what we thought would be great for draft beer. But it failed miserably,” says co-founder, Albert Ciuksza.

They knew there had to be a better way to keep draft beer cold while on the road.

“That was the same question we had. To get the complements from those who would be willing to distribute it. It’s been wonderful to hear of comments that this is something we would use,” says co-founder Mark Setto.

The answer to their problem— The Portakeg.

Half barrels, quarter barrels or one-sixth barrels of beer are chilled by a large bag of ice in a leak-proof portable container.

There’s no massive Carbon Dioxide bottle, rather beer is pushed from a 20-ounce Carbon Dioxide tank like those used in paintball.

“That was the middle ground and they were available and easy to refill nearly anywhere. So for us and consumers, it was the best option that was out there, says Ciuksza.

Their idea was a finalist in a graduate school contest at the University of Pittsburgh.

On November 18th, the final product will literally be rolled out for the Steelers/Ravens game.

“You can embed your own corporate logo or whatever colors you want it to be,” says co-founder Todd Barnett. “It has been described as the most elegant solution and we are very proud of it.”

Soon, the world will know about the invention of three beer buddies from Bellevue.

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