PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — “Back then I thought I was getting out of class. Back then I thought he was just a friend.”

That is a verbatim quote from a man who is now in his twenties who claims he was handcuffed by that Pittsburgh Public Schools Police Officer and touched in his private area.

He says that two of his closest friends had similar contact with the now suspended school Police Officer.

The alleged incidents happened at Rooney Middle School on the North Side in the late 1990’s. A former student says he was touched inappropriately by the suspended Pittsburgh Public Schools police officer who is now under investigation.

The former student says his best friend wrestled with the officer in his boxer shorts. He also says that same officer put his other close friend in the same closet and searched his private area for drugs.

“It literally seemed like it was covered up because all my life, we never heard about it,” the former student says.

The man who has been interviewed by police says they did not talk about the incidents and wish they had.

“When he handcuffed me, it was very awkward. There was a moment there where I thought that this ain’t right,” the victim says. “It wasn’t a grab or a fondle but you definitely shouldn’t do it to a kid,” the former student says.

School Superintendent, Linda Lane says the allegations are disturbing and make her angry. She promises to get to the bottom of this.

“We want kids in class and if a child is removed from class, it has to be under the authority of the teacher or principal,” Dr. Lane says.

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