NORTH BUFFALO TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police are investigating after explosives were found near a home in North Buffalo Township.

Police discovered a yellow ammunition case under a tree in a wooded area and found two sticks of old deteriorating dynamite.

North Buffalo Township Police called the Allegheny County Bomb Squad to the scene.

The Bomb Squad later removed the sticks of dynamite and safely detonated them.

“Old dynamite that has been sitting around for some time has potential to leak nitroglycerin. When that crystalizes on the outside, it becomes very unstable,” says North Buffalo Township Captain Bill Deforte. “I would say it could result in a catastrophic event.”

Police say that if someone stumbled upon the dynamite, nearly kicking it, they could have detonated it.

Armstrong County Police are now concerned that some farms may have old dynamite laying around in the fields.

At one point, dynamite was illegal for purchase.

If you ever see dynamite lying around, police urge you to remove it from your property.

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