CARRICK (KDKA) — After removing two dozen cats last week, Humane Agents removed more cats from a Carrick home on Tuesday.

The homeowner says she’s been taking-in stray cats for the past 30 years.

Humane Agents brought more cats out of the home on Transverse Street.

“We found another kitten so we’ll be taking this back to Animal Friends. We probably have some of the sisters and brothers from last week,” says Kathy Hecker of Animal Friends.

Officials say there may have been as many as 60 cats inside the home.

The homeowner says she loves animals and took in the cats because she was trying to help.

They were being poisoned. They were abandoned. They were being stoned to death in Knoxville. So, I took them in to try and give them a better life and to keep them safe. I guess I got out of control. There must be an odor,” homeowner Debby McCrimmon says.

Neighbors say they have been complaining for years about the smell coming from the house.

McCrimmon says she doesn’t notice it.

“I knew there was an odor of cats but I didn’t think it was that horrible. Feces and poop on the floor has never been the problem here. I never had that problem,” McCrimmon says.

McCrimmon says although she loves the cats, having them removed will actually make her life better.

“There’s a total expense. The expense of these animals is outrageous. It’s a full time job taking care of them,” McCrimmon says.

“She really believes that she was doing a good thing but you can’t handle this many cats,” Hecker says.

Humane Agents say cat houses like these put a huge burden on local shelters costing tens of thousands of dollars.

The homeowner faces animal cruelty and nuisance charges.

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