PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man who is accused of growing marijuana on church property wants people to know that the facts are not quite as they seem.

28-year-old Jason Como admits to KDKA that he put some marijuana seeds in a couple pots and plopped them down in the weeds behind his backyard. But he says he had no idea that the property belonged to a church.

The Beloved Disciple Catholic Church contacted police over the weekend after someone spotted the plants.

Como admits one of the plants grew to be pretty big. 

Como says he wasn’t going to sell any of the pot. Instead, it was “personal use, 100 percent.”

Just the same, he’s charged with manufacturing and cultivating a controlled substance, and he’s upset that people might think he intentionally planted it on church property.

The church building is some distance away, but the church property stretches over to Como’s planting spot.

“I didn’t even realize it,” Como says. “I just figured this was one of my neighbor’s fields, or just a field. I don’t know.”

Como says he’s a Christian and would never have planted the pot plants there if had he known it belonged to the church.

Como’s court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

Man Arrested After Marijuana Plants Are Found Growing On Church Property (9/2/12)
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