By Marty Griffin

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The shooting at Western Psych in March set off alarms in District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s office. He ordered a grand jury.

The focus – to determine how 30-year-old mental patient John Shick was able to walk in the front door, kill one person and injure five before University of Pittsburgh police shot and killed him.

Now, sources indicate UPMC will make major changes in security here and on all UPMC campuses.

Employees like Katie Bottoms who has worked here for decades call the changes necessary.

“It’ll make people feel more comfortable, you know, being that we had an incident a while back ago,” she said. “It’ll do us good.”

Sources say for employees, all side doors or alternative entrances will be locked. The only way to enter or leave will be with a swipe card.

At the front door there will be metal detectors and x-ray machines. UPMC sources indicate people visiting patients are bringing more weapons than ever before.

System-wide, all UPMC campuses will have armed security guards. The campuses that now have armed security will have more.

Meantime, there will be a number of security changes at Magee Womens Hospital following the abduction of a three-day-old baby a month ago. Sources do not want those changes revealed to the general public.

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