By David Highfield

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — Irene Matas, of New Castle, says her dog, Patches, helped her get through her battle with cancer, so after she had to put him down, she was very reluctant to get a new dog.

“However, I couldn’t stand how quiet it was here,” said Matas. “I decided I was going to get one and okay, take two, on.”

The Boston Terriers captured her heart. She got them three weeks ago and named them Adam and Eve.

Then, one day this week, she woke up to find the puppies missing from the playpen she kept them in.

“My first thought was: ‘How did they get out of here?'” said Matas.

She looked around and realized her TV was missing, so was her camera and cell phone.

She says a thief came in through an unlocked door Tuesday night. She very much regrets leaving the door unlocked and not turning on her security system.

As she and her brother slept, she says someone stole her new companions.

The dogs do have some unique markings, and she’s still holding out hope they might get them back.

She says says Adam has a bone-shaped mark on his nose, and Eve has all white paws.

Matas is offering a reward of $1,500 for the safe return of her puppies.

You can contact her or her brother Rich at 724-658-8855 or 724-714-8084.

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