MIDDLESEX TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A local street is being used as a short cut and people who live there say drivers are speeding and in some cases nearly hitting their kids.

People who live on Old Route 8 took their concerns to the Middlesex supervisors Wednesday night.

They say drivers are using the road as a short cut from Route 228 to Route 8.

“People come around that bend, they will almost miss the bend they’re going so fast,” Mandy Lyle, a concerned mother, said.

Her son had a close call.

“He had to jump off his bike because I yelled, ‘Car!’ and the car almost hit him,” she said.

Another mom has been videotaping the speeders for months in hopes of getting help from the township.

“We are looking at trying to use equipment to radar vehicles if you’re familiar with those portable radar machines – we’re trying to acquire one for at least a couple weeks,” Scot Fodi, Middlesex Township Manager, said.

Parents say they’d like to see speed bumps or even close off one end of the road.

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