BUTLER (KDKA) — A Butler County man is facing charges in a fatal shooting overnight.

Butler City Police have charged Richard Neyman with criminal homicide in the death of Craig Haas.

According to investigators, Neyman showed up at an apartment in the 400-block of W. New Castle Street at about 1 a.m. Thursday because he was looking for his girlfriend who had just broken up with him.

Haas answered the door.

Neyman told police Haas attacked him, so he pulled out his gun and it went off.

He then left the apartment and drove to Tina’s Salon, a tattoo parlor in the 100-block of E. Jefferson Street in Butler.

He put his gun on the counter, emptied the bullets and told his ex-girlfriend and another man who was there that he just shot Haas.

Neyman then called the police who found Haas dead in the apartment. There was a bullet hole in the door.

“He was a great hairdresser, a really nice neighbor, never had a problem with him,” Colleen, a neighbor, said. “He used to sit in the courtyard in the summertime, talk.”

Her description is in stark contrast to the Haas who Neyman said attacked him. He came to the apartment looking for his ex-girlfriend after she failed to answer her phone.

He told police he pulled his .38 out of his back pocket during the scuffle, pushed Haas away and the gun accidentally went off, hitting Haas.

Police say Haas stumbled back into his apartment and died on the living room floor.

“This is totally devastating – I never heard anything last night,” Colleen said.

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