EIGHTY FOUR (KDKA) — The National Weather Service will inspect damage today in Eighty Four, Washington County, after strong storms blew through the area on Thursday afternoon.

Kimberly Giebel says she heard what sounded like a train. She says it only lasted a few seconds and when she went outside, she found debris all over the area.

A huge steel sign was blown over, a shed was picked up by the wind and plopped down on Route 519, and a tall pine tree was ripped from the ground.

KDKA’s David Highfield Reports:

Giebel says the scariest story may have been a man who was driving one direction on Route 519, but when the storm came through, wind picked up his car and dropped it on its side, facing the other direction. Giebel says the man was able to crawl out and was not hurt.

Barb Spahr saw the wind swirling twigs and leaves around, so she pulled off the road and ran into a nearby pharmacy. She says she was frightened and told herself, “This is a tornado!”

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There were also reports of a funnel cloud in West Mifflin where wind knocked down poles and ripped up trees.

“Seemed like the end of the world, you know, it just was so loud,” Hazel Kuzma said. “The house shook, parts of the kitchen ceiling came down. It’s terrible.”

KDKA’s Paul Martino Reports:

The roof of her front porch was ripped off. She and her husband thought it was a tornado.

No one was hurt.

Several homes in West Mifflin are without power.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham Reports:

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